How to Remove a Soft Close Toilet Seat

Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by toilethaven

Soft close toilet seats are the toilet seats of the future. And the future is here. The fact that you are reading this means that you want to remove yours.  It probably didn’t last as long as you would have wanted. Nonetheless I will go ahead and show you how to remove a soft close toilet seat like a pro plumber.

Soft close toilet seats are not all the same. Although they work the same way, the process of removing and installing them is different. It is therefore important to know the type of soft close toilet seat you want to remove prior to doing so.

Types of Soft Close Toilet Seat

There are different types of soft close toilet seats. These are:

  • Top mount soft close toilet seats
  • Bottom mount soft close toilet seats
  • Quick-release soft close toilet seats
  • Standard soft close toilet seats

Most soft close toilet seats are a combination of either top-mount and quick-release mechanism or bottom-mount and quick-release mechanism. Standard soft close toilet seats have no quick-release mechanism and are fixed from the bottom.

The top-mount unlike the bottom-mount soft close toilet seats gives the persons removing or installing them the luxury of doing so from the top. You don’t need to bend to screw in a wingnut from underneath the bowl.

The quick-release soft close toilet seats to make are desirable for sanitary purposes. It is easy and quick to remove the toilet seat while cleaning. You just push a bottom or two for that matter and slide the seat out.

How to Remove a Soft Close Toilet Seat with a Top-Mount Mechanism

  • Lift the toilet seat at 90 degrees to the toilet and simply lift it off. For some models of toilet seats you may need to push one or two buttons in order for the seat to release.
  • The mounting base is covered with a plastic cap matching the color of the seat or one made of chrome. Pry it out.
  • After removing the cap you will now see the top of the mounting bolt. Use the screw driver to unscrew and get it out.
  • Remove the mounting base and the washers from the bowl.

How to Remove a Soft Close Toilet Seat with a Bottom-Mount Mechanism


Unlike in a top fixing mechanism where you lift the toilet seat upwards to remove, in a bottom fixing mechanism you simply slide it out. Let us look at the steps for removing a soft close toilet seat with a bottom fixing mechanism.

  • At the back of the toilet seat, you will find two plastic caps covering the head of the mounting bolt. Pry them off with a flathead screw driver.
  • For some toilet seat brands, you will need to push a button and concurrently push the seat backwards to release. Other brands like Kohler toilet seats you will only need to slide the seat backwards only.
  • Take your screwdriver and engage the top of the bolt. Using your other hand, reach for the wingnut underneath the toilet bowl. Hold the wingnut with your hand as you unscrew the bolt with the screw driver.
  • Remove all the mounting hardware from the toilet bowl.

And that is how easy it is to remove a soft close toilet seat with a quick release mechanism and bottom mount installation.

How to Remove a Standard Soft Close Toilet Seat


As we have already established, a standard soft close toilet seat has no quick-release mechanism. It is also a bottom fixing type of soft close toilet seat. This toilet seats have either plastic or metallic mounting gear. Follow these steps to remove this seat.

  • Remove the plastic caps covering the bolts with a flat head screw driver.
  • Engage the head of the bolt with the screwdriver and reach for the wingnut under the bowl with your hand.
  • Unscrew the bolt with the screwdriver as your hold the wing nut with your hand .
  • If the bolt and nut are metallic and corroded, you should use a wrench to make it loose.
  • Once the bolts are out lift off the toilet seat.

This is also how you would need to remove this toilet seat if you wanted to clean it. The quick-release toilet seats were designed to solve this problem.


Soft close toilet seats are a very welcome innovation given how irritating toilet seat slamming can be. It is unfortunate that just like the non-soft close toilet seats they don’t last forever. At one time you will need to replace them. Knowing how to remove a soft close toilet seat helps.