The 5 Best Bidet Attachments: Sleek and Superior Cleansing

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What is a Bidet Attachment?

A bidet attachment is a bathroom sanitary device installed between a toilet seat and the bowl to clean oneself after using the toilet. It draws water from the toilet water supply line.

Bidet attachments have an arm/control panel with a knob that controls features such as nozzle cleaning and water pressure. They are non-electric and do not need an electrical outlet in the bathroom.

Before bidet attachments, there were stand-alone bidets and bidet toilet seats. Stand-alone bidets are the oldest type of bidets, having been invented in France in the 17th century.

Bidets became very popular in pretty much every other developed country apart from the United States. Americans have warmed up to bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments, an excellent alternative to toilet paper.

Stand-alone bidets look like toilet bowls without a seat and are installed close to the toilet, either on the floor or on the wall. The main disadvantage of stand-alone bidets is that they are expensive, take up more bathroom space, and are expensive to install since you have to tear down your bathroom floor.

Bidet toilet seats were first commercially manufactured by Toto, even though the American Arnold Cohen invented the first electronic bidet seat.

The main advantage of bidet toilet seats over stand-alone bidets is that you do not need to install two fixtures. Bidet toilet seats also provide more features like warm air drying, heated seats, nightlights, wireless remote control, etc.

The design of bidet attachments borrows heavily from that of bidet seats. They are, however, cheaper than bidet seats but have limited features compared to some of the high-end bidet toilet seats.

So, what are some of the best bidet attachments? And what should you look for while buying a bidet attachment for your toilet?

The 5 Best Bidet Attachment are:

Bidet Attachment Ranked For
1. Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Bidet Attachment Best overall
2. Tushy Classic Bidet Attachment Best high-end
3. Brondell SimpleSpa Bidet Attachment Best thinnest
4. GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Attachment Best sleekest
5. Bio Bidet BB-270 Toilet Attachment Best hot and cold

How Do Bidet Attachments Work?

Before I go ahead and review the best bidet attachments in the market today, let me briefly explain how bidet attachments work. This way, you will decide whether this is what you need, or perhaps you are better off buying a bidet seat or even a bidet toilet combo.

When you buy a bidet attachment, you will receive the actual bidet attachment, a bidet hose, and a T-valve. Some brands will also give you the necessary hardware to mount it on your existing toilet.

The T-valve is connected to the toilet fill valve on the underside of the tank. It creates a 3-way junction whereby water from the supply line will flow to the toilet tank as well as to the bidet attachment.

The bidet hose, which is either plastic or stainless steel, supplies water from the T-valve to the bidet attachment. The bidet attachment that uses warm water has a second hose that connects to the nearby sink hot water line.

To install the bidet attachment, remove your existing toilet seat and align the attachment’s bracket mounting holes to the bowl. Next, align your seat’s mounting holes to those of the attachment and bowl. Use the bolts and nuts to tighten the three components together.

To use a bidet attachment, look for a knob(s) at the top of the attachment’s arm. By turning the knob, a nozzle will pop out at the back of the bowl and start spraying water, cleaning your rear and feminine parts.

The knob also adjusts the water’s pressure by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise. Bidet attachments with a warm water option have a second nozzle that is used to adjust the water temperature levels.

Unfortunately, there is no bidet attachment with a drier. You can use a towel or toilet paper to dry yourself after cleaning.

Best Bidet Attachments Reviews

This is a detailed review of the 5 best bidet attachments. I have only chosen five products to make your decision-making process easier.

1. Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Bidet Attachment

On Sale
LUXE Bidet NEO 120 - Self-Cleaning Nozzle, Fresh...
  • THE ULTIMATE VALUE – With a sleek design and high-quality parts, our bidet attachment will give your bathroom a next-level look. Constructed with high-pressure valves with metal-ceramic cores and...
  • HYGIENIC PROTECTION – The guard gate is designed to shield the nozzles for your ultimate sanitary experience. The nozzles automatically retract behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is...
  • AN EASY HOME UPGRADE – Elevating your home with a luxurious element has never been easier. Includes ALL PARTS AND TOOLS to get your bidet up and running in minutes. Easily attaches to and detaches...

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a 2-knob non-electric bidet attachment, one of the several ones sold by Luxe Bidet. Its control panel is available in either blue or white.

There are three main reasons why I believe that the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is the best bidet attachment to buy. These include:

  • It is competitively priced.
  • Works as advertised.
  • Made with quality parts.

You don’t need to set a big budget to buy the Luxe Bidet 120. This model is cheaper than most of the other bidet attachments in the market. It is, therefore, affordable to most people and works better than some high-end models.

The Neo 120 is made of a high-quality plastic material with chrome-plated knobs. I also like that the bidet’s water supply line is made of braided stainless steel, which, besides being superior quality, is easier to clean and will never rust.

The reason why this attachment has two knobs is due to their commitment to top hygiene. While the first knob is dedicated to cleaning yourself after using the toilet, the second one is designed to clean the nozzle before and after use.

Before starting the nozzle cleaning process, be sure to put the bidet mode OFF first. This will prevent water from splashing all over your bathroom. The process should be bidet mode OFF, nozzle cleaning ON, then bidet mode ON. The water used to clean the nozzle will drop inside the bowl.

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 also features a nozzle guard gate where the nozzle retracts and is protected from dirt and other impurities after cleansing. This further enhances the overall hygiene of the toilet users.

Since the bidet is installed between the seat and the bowl, your seat will slant slightly towards the front. Therefore, I highly recommend buying the seat bumpers to keep your seat level. This will prevent your seat from cracking and also make sure that you are comfortable throughout the voyage.

Unfortunately, the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 uses cold water straight from the supply line to clean you. This might not be an issue for most people, but some like washing with warm water.

If you are one of those people, check out Luxe Bidet Neo 320. It comes with two bidet hoses, one for the usual cold water and the second which connects to your bathroom sink’s hot water supply line.

Apart from the warm water cleansing option, the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 also features a secondary nozzle for a thorough feminine wash.

2. Tushy Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment

On Sale
TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment |...
  • AN ESSENTIAL CLEAN: Wash your bum with the TUSHY Basic, the introductory bidet attachment for a clean bum after every use. Upgrade your lifestyle with a TUSHY bidet attachment and poop like royalty on...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Only 10 minutes: Simple, DIY installation on most standard two-piece toilets, complete with all necessary parts and simple instructions for effortless set-up. This attachable...
  • TAILORED CONTROL: Constructed with a nozzle adjuster and pressure control knob that controls the self cleaning nozzle spray angle and water pressure to your desired intensity.

The Tushy classic bidet toilet attachment caused a stir with their commercial when they said, “Toilet Paper just smears around the residue-doo instead of washing it away, especially if you are furry down there.”

Well, it was the truth and perhaps a fact most people did not want to hear, let alone imagine. Now, is the Tushy bidet attachment as good as their commercial?

I must say that I was greatly impressed by this bidet’s overall look and design. It works almost as well as intended, save for some minor issues, as I will explain below.

This is a 1-knob bidet attachment, which is nicely designed to have the knob perform two functions. To clean your rear end after using the toilet, turn the knob clockwise.

The more clockwise you turn the knob, the more the intensity/pressure of the water. Turn the knob counterclockwise to clean/rinse the bidet nozzle. The nozzle will retract back during its self-cleaning process to ensure that water drips inside the bowl and not straight at you.

Another great feature that most ladies will love is the nozzle adjuster. It lets you adjust the angle of the nozzle so that the water strikes all the right spots for a thorough feminine wash.

Installing the Tushy bidet attachment is a cinch. It has a stainless steel braided water supply hose, a plastic T-valve, and Teflon tape. Make sure not to use a wrench on the plastic valve lest you deform it. It is designed to be hand-tight. The Teflon tape prevents leaks on all the connections.

This non-electric bidet uses cold water to wash you, which might not be ideal for some people, especially during winter. It, however, feels heavenly on a hot summer day or after an intensive workout.

Although the Tushy classic bidet will fit in most toilets, a few toilets, especially those with a French curve, are hard to install on, and even when you do, it is not comfortable at all. You might want to look for another product if you have a toilet with a French curve.

Tushy bidet attachments also cost a bit more than other bidet attachments, so there is that also cost to consider. You can buy one with a white bamboo, silver, or gold knob.

Other than for those few issues, this is a great product, which I highly recommend. As they say in Tushy, “Go with your gut and treat your butt right.”

3. Brondell SimpleSpa Thinline Bidet Attachment

On Sale
Brondell Bidet - Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 Fresh...
  • THIN AND SIMPLE: no toilet seat gap, at 0. 2 inches the Thinline SimpleSpa is slimmer and thinner than other bidet attachments
  • CLEAN AND REFRESHING: fresh water spray bidet with nozzle guard and self-cleaning retractable nozzle
  • TRUE PRESSURE CONTROL: smooth turning controls make pressure adjustment easy and give you ultimate control unlike stepping pressure systems that have preset pressure levels

The Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa is the thinnest bidet toilet attachment on the market, leaving a 0.2-inch gap only between the seat and the bowl. It is available in 2 models, one with a single nozzle and the other with a dual nozzle.

Brondell is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of bidets. Brondell Swash 1400 is one of the bestselling high-end bidet toilet seats, giving Toto Washlets a run for their money. You can, therefore, rest assured that the Thinline bidet attachment is just as good.

One thing that works against most bidet attachments is the gap left between the seat and the bowl after installation, which leaves the seat sloping forward. This creates stress on the set, putting it at risk of cracking. Brondell solved this problem by designing the thinnest bidet attachment in the industry; hence, the seat is almost flush with the bowl.

Another thing I like is how sleek the control panel looks. Unlike other bidet attachments, which have a knob you need to turn about, the Thinline bidet uses buttons that give the bidet arm a seamless design. Although the attachment is white, the button area has a silver trim, which is cool.

You do not need to worry about the nozzle getting dirty since the bidet has a nozzle guard that protects it after retracting. The dual nozzle bidet has a feminine wash nozzle, which is longer than the rear wash nozzle. Selecting a rear or feminine wash from the dual nozzle model is straightforward.

The Brondell SimpleSpa bidet has a quality metal braided water supply line and T-valve. Even better, you don’t need any tool to install it. It’s a simple DIY that you should do within 15-20 minutes, even with minimal plumbing experience.

There are not many negative things to say about this bidet attachment. Its price is also not bad at all.

4. GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Attachment

On Sale
GenieBidet Rear & Feminine Ultra Thin Bidet...
  • ✅ Beautiful , sleek, and unobtrusive bidet toilet seat design! Adjustable soft to strong toilet bidet spray with a simple twist of the knob (does not fit "One Piece" French Curve Models).
  • ✅ Our thoughtfully designed Genie toilet bidet attachment will not create an unsightly gap between the toilet bowl rim and your existing toilet seat, meaning you won't feel like you're sliding off...
  • ✅ Our toilet water sprayer has separate nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing & Includes our best selling Travel Bidet!

If you want to buy a bidet attachment slightly different from most others, the GenieBidet ultra-thin toilet attachment is your product.

Unlike other bidet attachments with knobs at the top of the attachment’s arm, the GenieBidet’s knob is integrated at the front of the attachment, giving it a sleek and seamless look. You only have to turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise to select the type of wash you need.

The GenieBidet is a 2-nozzle bidet attachment, one dedicated for rear washing and the other one for the feminine wash. You select the type of wash you want by turning the knob in either of the two directions and the further you turn it, the more the water pressure.

GenieBidet’s water pressure is pretty decent, although that will also depend on the overall water pressure in your house. Always start off the bidet at a lower pressure instead of blasting it off full throttle to know how much of it your rear end can take.

I wouldn’t say I like that the knob does not indicate which way to turn it to select a rear or a feminine wash. Although it is in the manual, a visiting guest might not know how exactly to go about it, especially if they have not used a bidet attachment before.

The manufacturer did its best to ensure that the GenieBidet is as thin as possible, reducing the seat’s slope. The thickness of the mounting bracket is roughly 3/16 inches, which I can say is among the thinnest in the market.

Although the bidet water supply line is plastic (still good quality), it comes with a solid brass T-valve. Some of their latest models have a new steel braided hose and a hybrid T-valve. You can, therefore, turn the water to the bidet ON or OFF, especially if you have curious kids in the house.

When turning the water supply back ON, remember to move the lever all the way. If the lever is partially open, you will have an issue with your bidet water pressure.

GenieBidet toilet attachment is incompatible with most one-piece toilets with a French curve. This includes toilets like Kohler San Raphael and Mansfield 13-160 elongated toilets.

5. Bio Bidet BB-270 Toilet Attachment

Bio Bidet BB-270 Hot & Cold Freshwater Spray,...
  • WATER DOES IT BETTER – Choose the cleansing, freshwater spray to fit your needs; dual nozzles allow for rear and front wash with adjustable water pressure
  • UNLIMITED WARM WATER –Easy-to-use side control panel allows you to switch between warm and cold water; just connect bidet to your warm water supply line, no electricity required
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Upgrade your bathroom in minutes with a home bidet, no plumber and no batteries required; comes with all necessary instructions and connectors for an easy install

If you are looking for a bidet attachment with a heater, you will be disappointed since these units are non-electric, meaning they can’t have an instant water heater. The Bio Bidet BB-270 is closest to a bidet attachment with a heater.

It is a dual nozzle bidet attachment with two hoses and valves connecting to your cold and hot water lines. The cold hose connects to your toilet water supply line, while the hotline connects to your sink’s hot water supply line.

Bio Bidet BB-270 has three knobs on its control arm. The first knob allows you to select the wash mode you need between nozzle wash, rear wash, and feminine wash.

The second knob initiates the selected wash spray and adjusts the water pressure. Water pressure is responsible for extending the nozzles downwards. After cleaning and turning off the water, the nozzles retract back where a nozzle splash guard protects them.

The third knob is the temperature control knob. Therefore, you can adjust the temperature of the warm water to your desired level. I like how all the knobs are well marked, letting you know exactly which knob does what and how.

The problem with a non-electric bidet with a warm water wash is that you can receive a very unpleasant cold water shock even when selecting hot water on the control panel. This is because the water in the line is still cold, so it has to come out before hot water starts flowing. That is less than ideal.

To solve this problem, turn the sink hot water faucet to a trickle before using the toilet. By the time you are done doing your business, all the cold water will have been expelled.

Another trick you can use is to start the nozzle cleaning function as soon as you sit on the toilet. Doing this, all the cold water in the line will rinse the nozzle and drip inside the bowl. When you are done doing your business, the water in the line will be warm.

Most people had problems with the initial models of the Bio Bidet BB-270 due to constant leaks around the connections. Bio Bidet upgraded their valves to solid brass, a move that has seen the rate of defective units fall drastically.

For anyone looking for a bidet attachment with a rear and feminine dual nozzle that also allows them to use cold or hot water, then the Bio Bidet BB 270 is their best option.

Are Bidet Attachments Sanitary?

Most people, especially in the United States, where using bidets is a fairly new concept, hesitate to use them. Some ask me, “How sanitary are bidet attachments”?

I use one example to drive the point home whenever this question arises. “If your pet dropped poo on the floor, would you wipe it off with toilet paper or clean it with water”?

Water is by far more effective than toilet paper as far as sanitation is concerned. Without being too gross, water removes solids better than toilets better.

According to Medical Daily, research indicates that 26-30% of people have fecal matter on their hands. Using a bidet attachment removes the need to use your hand and reduces the chances of carrying bacteria on your hands, proving bidet attachments are more sanitary than toilet paper.

Another thing that makes bidet attachments even more hygienic is their self-cleaning feature. Before and after using the toilet, you should always clean the nozzle to make sure that it is free from bacteria.

Why You Should Buy a Bidet Attachment

  1. They are more hygienic – Bidet attachments remove all the fecal matter, unlike toilet paper, which tends to remove some and smear the rest over your rear end.
  2. They save water – Bidets use water to clean us. How, then, do they save water? Believe it or not, making one toilet paper roll requires 37 gallons of water. A bidet attachment cannot use that much water to clean you, and we have not even talked about the trees that need to be felled to make toilet paper.
  3. Bidet attachments are inexpensive – Compared to stand-alone bidets and bidet toilet seats, bidet attachments are more affordable since they cost a fraction of what those others cost.
  4. Prevents constant toilet clogs – Toilet paper is the number one cause of most toilet clogs. By eliminating or reducing toilet paper usage, there is a chance you will need to throw away your plunger.
  5. Gentle on the skin – Water is gentler on the skin than the softest toilet paper. It is especially helpful to people who suffer from hemorrhoids as it provides a soothing relief.

Bidet Attachments vs. Bidet Toilet Seat

A bidet toilet seat is a toilet seat you install on your toilet bowl and connect to the toilet water supply to clean yourself after using the toilet. Bidet seats can either be electric or non-electric.

A non-electric bidet seat does not require an electrical outlet in the bathroom, but its features are limited since it cleans you using cold water, has no dryer, and other features.

Electric bidet seats are more expensive than non-electric ones and need an electrical outlet closer to the toilet. They offer many luxurious features, some of which can only be rivaled by high-end bidet toilet combos.

So, how do bidet attachments compare to bidets? Which is a better option to buy between bidet attachments and bidet seats? Let’s compare and contrast some of their features.

Factor Bidet Attachments Bidet Seats
Cost Low High
Rear and posterior wash
Adjustable nozzle positions
Oscillating wash
Pulsating wash
Self-cleaning nozzle
Heated seat
Air dryer

1. Cleaning Options

Bidet attachments use knobs to control their wash functions and will have one or two nozzles. It is also good to note that the bidet attachment’s nozzle extends downwards after the wash functions are activated.

Bidet toilet seats also use 1 or 2 nozzles. The difference between a bidet attachment and a seat’s nozzle is that the nozzle of a bidet seat extends forward and retracts to the back of the toilet seat while the attachment’s nozzles extend downwards and retract upwards inside a splash guard.


High-end bidet seats use a wireless remote control to select the different wash functions. They also have auxiliary settings on the side of the seat. Some other bidet seats, mostly in the mid-range region, have a control panel on the side.

One great feature of bidet seats is that the nozzle position can be adjusted forward or backward to clean different spots of the body as desired. It also makes them usable by people of different sizes and ages.

Bidet seats also offer oscillating and pulsating washes, which are absent in bidet attachments. An oscillating wash is when the nozzle moves back and forth in quick succession, which cleans a wide area.

Pulsating wash includes the use of alternating strong and soft water streams, which creates a massage sensation. Some seats even allow you to choose between a narrow, strong stream and a wide, soft stream.

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 bidet toilet seat goes ahead to provide a vortex enema wash, which is very effective in alleviating constipation.

The water pressure and temperature can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference in both bidet seats and bidet attachments. Some bidet seats, like the Brondell Swash 1400, have two user presets where you can set and forget your wash settings and not need to select them all the time.

2. Cost

Bidet seats (especially electric bidet seats) are way more expensive than bidet attachments. This is the one thing that makes bidet attachments a great option for most people.


Non-electric bidet toilet seats are not as expensive, and some almost cost the same amount as some high-end bidet attachments. One such bidet seat is the Kohler Puretide. It is a perfect bidet seat whose cost is really good too.

3. Drying

One common question I often get asked is, “How do you dry yourself after using a bidet”? Here, it depends on what type of bidet you have.

Electric bidet seats use a dryer with adjustable temperature levels to dry toilet users after washing. Since bidet attachments are non-electric, they have no dryer, so users dry themselves using a towel or toilet paper.

4. Deodorizer

Most bidet seats have a deodorizer. A deodorizer is responsible for maintaining freshness in the room by removing any unwanted odors. The deodorizer kicks in automatically every time the toilet is used.

Bidet attachments and non-electric bidet seats do not have air deodorizers. You must do your part to make sure you leave the room smelling fresh.

5. Other Features

Other features present in bidet seats but absent in bidet attachments include heated toilet seats, nightlights, and even auto lid opening and closing.


A heated seat is a great thing to have, especially during the cold winter months. Combining a heated toilet seat and warm water cleansing followed by warm air drying makes bidet seats worth the money.

Nightlight involves the use of a blue LED light that illuminates the bowl. This makes it easy to make your way to the toilet at night without needing to turn on the bright bathroom lights.

Toto Washlet S550e bidet seat has an auto lid opening and closing feature. As soon as you approach the toilet, the lid opens automatically, exposing an already heated seat. You will, therefore, not need to use your hands.

High-end bidet seat models will also have nozzle sterilization features, guaranteeing you the highest level of hygiene.

Bidet Attachments vs. Hand-Held Bidet Sprayer.

A hand-held bidet sprayer is another option for cleaning yourself after using a toilet. It has a bidet head, a bidet hose, and a T-valve.

Just like in bidet attachments, the T-valve creates a junction allowing water to flow to the toilet tank as well as the bidet head using the bidet hose. Bidet sprayers come with a tank/wall mount to hold them when they are not in use.

The bidet head looks almost like a shower head but with a trigger at the top that controls the bidet’s water pressure. Since they are also non-electric, hand-held bidets also clean the toilet users using cold water straight from the supply line.

To use a hand-held bidet sprayer, you can either pass it at the front between your legs or from the rear. You should always hold the bidet at an elevation angle relative to the part being cleaned so that the waste and the waterfall are down in the bowl.

One main advantage of the hand-held bidet sprayer over the bidet attachment is that there is no gap between the seat and the bowl, which is mostly the case with bidet attachments.

There is no significant difference in cost between hand-held bidet sprayers and bidet attachments. If you want to check out one decent hand-held bidet sprayer, the Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer would be worthwhile.

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Handheld...
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  • Multi Purpose Bidet Faucet Sprayer Set: Our toilet bidet faucet sprayer kit has many uses. Aside from personal hygiene, our hand held bidet faucet sprayer can also be used for cleaning cloth diapers,...
  • Adjustable Water Flow: Our toilet handheld bidet faucet sprayer comes with a customizable flow feature that allows you to modify the water pressure according to use. You can go from a soft spray for...

How to Install a Bidet Attachment


Installing a bidet attachment is a simple job. You don’t need to pay a plumber to help you. You only need a screwdriver.

These are the steps to follow while installing a bidet attachment:

1. Turn off the water to your toilet

  • The toilet shut-off valve is located on the wall behind the toilet. Turn it clockwise all the way.
  • Flush the toilet and hold the handle down to remove as much water as possible. Remember that a small amount of water will still be left inside the tank.
  • Disconnect the toilet water supply line where it is connected to the tank. Have a small bucket to drain the water still left in the tank and the hose. Refrain from using a wrench since it can deform the couplings.

2. Connect the hoses

  • Connect the T-valve where the supply line was connected to the tank.
  • Next, connect the water supply line from the shut-off valve to the lower end of the T-valve.
  • Connect the bidet hose to the remaining T-valve connection

3. Remove the toilet seat

  • The toilet seat is connected to the bowl using two bolts and nuts. Sometimes, the bolts are covered using plastic covers to blend with the color of the seat. If this is the case, pry the covers off with a screwdriver.
  • Hold the nut at the underside of the bowl with one hand and use the other to unscrew the bolt using the screwdriver.
  • When the two bolts are out, lift off the seat.
  • Clean the top of the bowl

4. Install the Bidet attachment

  • Position the bidet attachment’s bracket on top of the bowl and align it with the two mounting holes.
  • Put the seat back on top of the bowl and align its mounting holes with the bracket and the bowl.
  • Slide in a bolt on each hole and tighten using the nuts.
  • Before completely tightening the connections, make sure you position the bidet’s arm and nozzle in a position most preferable to you by turning it in either direction.
  • Connect the bidet hose to the bidet attachment.

5. Test and Use the Bidet

  • Turn on the water supply to the toilet and watch out for leaks. If any connection is leaking, tighten it further.
  • Start testing the bidet’s cleansing features, such as water pressure, angle, temperature, etc. Hold a cup over the nozzles to prevent water from splashing all over your bathroom.


Bidet attachments are an inexpensive and convenient way of cleaning yourself after using the toilet, improving your overall hygiene and conserving the environment at the same time.

For those with a little bit more money at their disposal, bidet toilet seats are a better option. As they say, “Once you go bidet, you never look at toilet paper the same way again.”