The 5 Best Woodbridge Toilets – Sleek and Powerful Flushing

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Are Woodbridge Toilets any Good?

When most people want to buy a new toilet, they always think about Toto, Kohler or American Standard. And they are usually not wrong. These 3 companies have for decades been manufacturing the best flushing toilets.

Woodbridge is not as popular as the above 3 toilet manufacturers but they are already making big strides in the industry with their fantastic toilets. In fact, the Woodbridge T-0019 is neck to neck with Toto Ultramax II in sales on Amazon.

Based in Cerrtios California, Woodbridge has been manufacturing toilets since 2005. Woodbridge toilets are designed to combine powerful flushing and aesthetics. I can categorically say that Woodbridge makes some of the sleekest toilets in the industry.

Another thing that Woodbridge has done well is to ensure that their toilets are very well priced. In short, you get a powerful flushing toilet that is water-efficient, sleek and competitively priced.

Here are the 5 best Woodbridge toilets:

Toilet Features
1. Woodbridge T-0019 1-piece
dual flush
slow close seat
elongated bowl
comfort height
2. Woodbridge B0960S tankless toilet
integrated bidet
auto flushing
manual flush option
loud flush
3. Woodbridge T-0008 high-end bidet seat
warm air dryer
heated seat
4. Woodbridge T-0031 round-front toilet
compact size
standard height
dual flush
5. Woodbridge T-0042 non-electric bidet
cold water cleansing
no dryer/deodorizer

1. Woodbridge T-0019


Woodbridge T-0019 is a one-piece dual flush elongated WaterSense and comfort height toilet. It is made of porcelain and only available in a cotton white finish.

The first thing you will notice about the Woodbridge T-0019 is how attractive it is. The one-piece fully skirted design makes this toilet look so sleek without the usual nooks and crannies that you find in other toilets.

Let us start with its flushing system since that is the most important feature of a toilet. Woodbridge T-0019 uses a siphon-jet flushing system. This system involves the use of a jet at the bottom of the bowl that directly faces the trapway.

When you flush the toilet, most of the water enters the bowl through the siphon jet which helps push the waste down the toilet trap with more force creating an even strong siphon effect. Some water enter the bowl through the rim holes to clean and rinse the bowl.

Woodbridge T-0019’s fully glazed trapway ensures that the toilet can flush strongly but quietly with no leaks or clogs. If someone is therefore sleeping in a room next to the bathroom they are less likely to hear you flush the toilet.

Being a dual flush toilet, this toilets gives you the option of using 1.6 gallons of water per flush or 1 gallon depending on what you are flushing. You basically use the 1 gallon to flush liquids and 1.6 gallons to flush solids.

As a result, Woodbridge T-0019 is compliant with the requirements of EPA’s WaterSense as well as CalGreen. It can therefore be sold in California, Texas and Colorado states which have strict water conservation rules.

Apart from the aesthetics, the fully skirted trapway makes cleaning the Woodbridge T-0019 a joy. Combined with the seamless integration of the tank and bowl, you don’t need to worry of the usual tank to bowl gap as well as other hard to reach crevices.

Woodbridge comes with a preinstalled high-end soft close toilet seat with durable metal hinges. For anyone who is easily irritated by the sound of a seat slamming on the bowl each time the toilet is used then this toilet will give you peace of mind.

The dimensions of the Woodbridge T-0019 are:

  • Depth: 28.5 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Height: 27.5 inches
  • Bowl Height: 16.5 inches
  • Rough-in: 12 inches

For an elongated toilet, I would say that the Woodbridge T-0019 is quite compact and will comfortably fit in most bathrooms. It has a standard rough-in of 12 inches.

Woodbridge T-0019 is a comfort height toilet. Its 16.5 inches bowl height increases to 17.5 inches seat height which is between the 17 and 19 inches required by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The elderly as well as tall people will find this toilet really easy to sit and stand from. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Woodbridge T-0019 vs T-0001

Most people often wonder if there is any difference between Woodbridge T-0019 and T-0001 and if there is, what it is. So, is there a difference between Woodbridge T-0001 and T-0019? Which one should you buy?

The truth of the matter is that Woodbridge T-0001 and Woodbridge T-0019 are the exact same toilet with similar features. All their dimensions and specifications are similar only that Woodbridge T-0019 costs a little bit more than the T-0001.

I decided to go with the Woodbridge T-0019 since it’s the newer model and there is a likelihood that Woodbridge has made slight improvement to it although they have not publicly stated so. If I were to buy one of this 2 toilets I would definitely pick Woodbridge T-0019

2. Woodbridge B0960S



The Woodbridge B0960S is a compact one-piece dual flush elongated toilet with an integrated bidet seat. It is a tankless toilet with an auto flushing feature for a complete-hands-free experience.

Woodbridge B0960S is one of the best bidet toilet combos. It is very affordable compared to others that offer similar features, flushes powerfully and is also very attractive.

As you enter the bathroom and start approaching the toilet, the toilet seat lid will automatically open so that you don’t have to use your hands. All you have to do is sit on the nicely contoured heated seat and start doing your business.

As soon as your business is done, grab the hand-held or wall-mounted wireless remote control and start selecting your preferred wash functions. A retractable nozzle will emerge from the back of the seat, which can be adjusted to offer posterior and rear wash functions using warm water.

The temperature as well as pressure of the warm water can be adjusted to your preferred settings for maximum comfort. Oscillating and pulsating wash functions leave you thoroughly cleaned and relaxed.

An oscillating wash function is when the nozzle moves back and forth rapidly to cleaner over a bigger surface area. Pulsating wash functions involves the use of alternating strong and soft water sprays to create a massage sensation.

When you are done cleansing, a warm air dryer will kick in and start blowing warm air all over your rear and front until you are completely dried. The temperature of the warm air dryer can also be adjusted.

After being cleaned and dried, all you have to do is rise up and walk away. The bidet seat will clean the nozzles on its own and after that give the toilet one powerful flush.

In the event that there is a power outage, the toilet has manual flush buttons so you will be covered in that regard.

To take care of any lingering odors around the toilet Woodbridge B0960S features a powerful deodorizer with carbon filters that draws in the air, cleans it and leave the bathroom smelling fresh.

Another feature that I love in the B0960S is the LED nightlight. At night, a blue LED light illuminates the toilet bowl making access to the toilet easy without the need to turn on the bathroom lights. This is especially helpful if you are straight from bed and do not want to lose your sleep.

The dimensions of the Woodbridge B0960s are:

  • Depth: 28.75 inches
  • Width: 15.325 inches
  • Height: 22.625 inches
  • Rough-in: 12 inches
  • Seat height: 17.875 inches

It is important to note that the Woodbridge B0960S will need an electrical outlet near the toilet to power the bidet seat functions. You will also notice that your power bill will slightly increase if you are upgrading to this toilet from a standard toilet.

The flushing of the Woodbridge B0960S just like other smart toilets is quite loud. You will however get used to it after a few days.

Woodbridge B0960S vs Woodbridge B0970S

Woodbridge B0960S and Woodbridge B0970S are 2 of the best high-end Woodbridge toilets. What is the difference between the 2 of them and which one should you buy?

While both toilets have air deodorizers, Woodbridge B0970S uses an automatic diatom air deodorizer that not only draws away odorous air particles but also breaks down harmful particles into oxygen particles, creating more fresh air in the room. Woodbridge B0960S deodorizer does not have this function.

Woodbridge B0970S has an exclusive arc-shape spray rod that that can reach up to 4.7 inches from the dirt drop point, offering a wider cleaning range than the traditional straight spray rods. Again this feature is absent in the Woodbridge B0960S.

The distance from the floor to the top of the bowl of Woodbridge B0960S is 16 inches while that of the Woodbridge B0970S is 15.375 inches. Woodbridge B0960s is therefore taller and ADA-compliant while Woodbridge B0960S is shorter and not ADA-compliant

Both of them are however great toilets and whichever you decide to buy will be worth your while. Check out the Woodbridge B0970S here on Amazon.

3. Woodbridge T-0008 Bidet Toilet


The Woodbridge T-0008 is a one-piece dual flush elongated WaterSense and comfort height toilet. It is a combination of the Woodbridge one-piece toilet and luxury bidet seat.

Woodbridge T-0008 is an upgrade from the Woodbridge T-0019 or T-0001. The toilet has all the features present in both of those 2 toilets but instead of a regular seat it comes with a bidet toilet seat.

So, how different is Woodbridge T-0008 from Woodbridge B0960S? The first and main difference is that the Woodbridge B0960s is a tankless toilet while Woodbridge T-0008 has a toilet tank.

Woodbridge B0960S is also more compact in size, offers auto lid opening and closing as well as automatic flushing both of which are missing in the T-0008.

The Woodbridge bidet toilet seat has a stainless self-cleaning nozzle that offers posterior and feminine cleansing using warm purified water. The water pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted to your preferred settings.

This toilet comes with an easy-to-use wireless remote control to help you select your wash functions with ease. Just like any decent bidet seat, the Woodbridge T-0008 bidet seat offers oscillating and pulsating/massage wash functions by the tap of a button.

A warm air dryer whose temperature can also be adjusted will afterwards dry you completely. The toilet however does not have an air deodorizer.

Unlike the Woodbridge B0960S, Woodbridge T-0008 is flushed manually. There are 2 rectangular chrome flush buttons on top of the tank lid. Push the big button to flush solids using 1.6 gallons of water or the smaller button to flush liquids using only 1 gallon.

The T-0008 uses a very strong siphon jet flushing system to evacuate waste from the toilet bowl. With a full glazed trapway, it is able to produce a powerful but quiet flush. If loud flushes are not for you then you make pick this toilet over the B0960S.

You also don’t have to worry about sitting on a cold toilet seat on a cold winter morning. Woodbridge T-0008 bidet seat is heated and comes with 5 adjustable temperature levels. It also features a cool blue LED nightlight to help you negotiate your way to the toilet at night.

The dimensions of the Woodbridge T-0008 are:

  • Depth: 28.5 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Height: 27.5 inches
  • Bowl Height: 16.5 inches
  • Rough-in: 12 inches

As you can see from the dimensions above, Woodbridge T-0008 is a comfort height toilet. You are therefore guaranteed of sitting on a high enough toilet without bending your knees and back. Short people and children will however find this toilet to be too high.

4. Woodbridge T-0031



The Woodbridge T-0031 is a dual flush one-piece round-front WaterSense and standard height toilet. It is one of the most compact/small toilets in the industry.

For anyone with a small bathroom then this toilet will be perfect. It may not be as comfortable as other Woodbridge toilets but it really does save space.

The dimensions of the Woodbridge T-0031 are:

  • Depth: 24.3 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Height: 27.8 inches
  • Bowl height: 15.5 inches
  • Rough-in: 12 inches

As you can see, the depth of the Woodbridge T-0031 is 24.3 inches which is about 4 inches shorter than that of most Woodbridge toilets like the T-0019. 4 inches might not look like much but for a bathroom even 0.25 inches matters a lot.

You will also notice that the toilet bowl height of the Woodbridge T-0031 is 15.5 inches, which translates to about 16.5 inches seat height. This toilet therefore is not ADA-compliant which requires that the seat height of a toilet be between 17 and 19 inches.

Although comfort/ADA height toilet are preferred by most people, there are people who still prefer a standard height toilet, especially short people as well as children. A standard height toilet and round-front toilet bowl are the perfect combination for children’s toilet.

Other than for its size, Woodbridge T-031 has similar features as those of the other Woodbridge toilets. Contrary to what some people believe (round-front toilets have better flushing power than elongated toilet), the shape of the toilet bowl does not affect a toilet’s flush power in any way.

One thing I like about the soft close toilet seat that Woodbridge toilets come with is the fact that it can be easily removed (independent of the mounting hardware) while cleaning the toilet. The quick release button allows you to slide the seat out in a second and back just as fast after cleaning the top of the bowl.

People often worry about the availability of Woodbridge parts especially the toilet seat. You don’t need to. You can easily get a replacement part in most online ecommerce sites or even big home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

In summary, if you are a looking for a compact, sleek, one-piece, dual flush, round-front and standard height toilet then the Woodbridge T-0031 will be worth your while. You can also compare it with these other compact toilets.

5. Woodbridge T-0042



The Woodbridge T-0042 is a one-piece dual flush elongated and comfort height toilet with a non-electric/manual soft close bidet seat. The bidet seat offers less features compared to those of high-end models.

One thing I like about this toilet is that it offers the most important function of a bidet seat (which is cleansing) and is very well priced. If you do not have the cash to buy the high-end models like the Woodbridge T-0008 or B0960S then go for this one.

A non-electric bidet like the one on this toilet does not require an electrical outlet. You just need to install a T-connector on the water supply line to create a junction, such that water will flow to both the tank and the seat.

Unlike in electric bidet seats, this bidet uses cold water to cleanse you. To turn the water on and off as well as adjusting the water pressure, the seat has a knob on the right-hand side.

Just turn the knob clockwise to initiate the cleansing process and further clockwise to increase the water pressure.

Woodbridge T-0042’s bidet seat does not have a warm air dryer also. As soon as you are done cleansing use toilet paper to dry yourself. If this toilet is in your master bathroom you can dedicate a towel for drying yourself if you want to completely get rid of toilet paper.

Flushing-wise Woodbridge T-0042 is as good as any other Woodbridge toilet. As a matter of factor, Woodbridge T-0042 and Woodbridge T-0019 are the exact same toilet save for their different toilets seats.

The dimensions of the Woodbridge T-0042 are:

  • Depth: 28.5 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Height: 27.5 inches
  • Bowl Height: 16.5 inches
  • Rough-in: 12 inches

Even from the dimensions above, you can see that the Woodbridge T-0042 and T-0019 are same in size as well. Woodbridge T-0042 is however more expensive than the Woodbridge T-0019.

Woodbridge T-0042 is a comfort height toilet, also known as a chair height toilet with a toilet bowl height of 16.5 inches. If you would like a toilet with the same specifications and features but a standard height toilet (15.5 inches bowl height) then check out the Woodbridge T-0045 available here on Amazon.

Woodbridge Toilet Installation

There are 2 things that make installing a Woodbridge toilet challenging for some people. These are:

  • The skirted design
  • One-piece design

Toilets are normally installed on a toilet flange which is also known as a closet flange. The closet flange is a circular mostly PVC pipe that attaches the toilet to the drainpipe.

We also use the toilet flange to hook up the 2 toilet bolts that secure the toilet firmly on the floor. Before installing your Woodbridge toilet, make sure that the toilet flange is in good condition. If it is broken, old or corroded this is how to replace it.

A toilet wax ring is normally placed between the bottom of the toilet and the top of the closet flange. Woodbridge toilets are sold with a wax ring so you don’t need to buy a new one.

You may decide to set the wax ring on top of the closet flange then install the toilet or lay the toilet on its side, slide in the wax ring then install the toilet on the flange. Setting the wax ring on the flange and installing the toilet on top gently is the standard procedure.

With a 2-piece toilet, installation is usually easier since you first install the toilet bowl then the tank later. One-piece toilets like the Woodbridge toilets weigh as much as 120 pounds and hence the installation will need to be done by 2 people.

It is also easy to install a non-skirted toilet since you can easily see and control the toilet alignment with the bolts than a skirted toilet like the Woodbridge toilets.

How to Install a Woodbridge Toilet

  • Clean the top of the toilet flange with a rag especially if you just removed an old toilet. Scrape off all the old wax with a put knife.
  • Slide in the 2 toilets bolts in the closet flange slots. Always ensure that the toilet bolts are at the 3 and 9 o’clock marks, assuming your closet flange is a wall clock.
  • Set the wax ring nicely on top of the closet flange. Note that you do not have to use a wax ring. You can opt to use a rubber gasket seal that is usually less messy. Fluidmasters Better than Wax is one of the best toilet wax ring alternative in the market.
  • Lift the toilet and bring it just over the closet flange. Let your helper align the 2 toilet bolts with the mounting holes at the bottom of the toilet. Once they are align put the toilet down gently.
  • Hold the toilet by the bowl with both hands and gently press it down. The reason for doing this is to compress the wax ring such that it forms a watertight seal. You should however not rock the toilet sideways back and forth as that will break the wax ring seal and also deform the wax ring. You would then need to buy another wax ring and repeat the installation process.
  • Once the toilet is level with the floor, put in a washer and nut on each toilet bolt and tighten them alternatingly so as to keep the toilet level. Do not however tighten too much lest you crack the toilet bowl.
  • After you are done installing the toilet hook the toilet to the water supply and also install the toilet seat. If you are not sure of how to install a soft close toilet seat check out this post.

And basically that is how you install a Woodbridge toilet. It takes time to do it but if you do not want to pay a plumber it is all worth it. Some skirted toilets have small openings on the side to help you access the closet bolts but with Woodbridge you have to do it from behind, a tough thing for folks with big hands.

Woodbridge has a detailed manual on how to install their toilets. Check it out here.

One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilets

As you know, Woodbridge toilets are usually one-piece toilets. What are the benefits and disadvantages of a one-piece toilet over a two-piece toilet?

The first thing is that one-piece toilets are usually shipped in one big box unlike two-piece toilets that are shipped in 2 separate boxes. The 2 boxes sometimes arrive on different days.

Your Woodbridge toilet will therefore be shipped to your address in one-piece hence you can install it immediately.

The disadvantage of one-piece toilet is that due to their shape, size and weight they are more likely to break during shipping than two-piece toilets. This is why it is recommended to thoroughly inspect your toilet for hairline cracks as soon as you receive it.

Another advantage of one-piece toilets is that they are more compact, sleek and aesthetically appealing more than two-piece toilets. A one-piece design is the modern toilet design while a two-piece toilet design is more traditional.

If unfortunately your one-piece toilet breaks/cracks, you have no option but to replace the entire toilet. With a two-piece toilet, you only have to replace the broken piece (the tank or the bowl) which is cheaper.

I have written a detailed blog post on the pros and cons of one-piece toilets vs two-piece toilets. Read it here.

Elongated vs Round Woodbridge Toilets

Woodbridge manufactures both elongated and round-front toilets. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Elongated toilets are oval in shape while round-front toilets are circular-shaped. If you still cannot differentiate them by looking measuring helps. This is how to measure for a toilet seat.

The length of an elongated toilet bowl is 18.5 inches while that of the round-front bowl is 16.5 inches. Elongated toilet bowls therefore give you a bigger surface area to sit on and are therefore more comfortable than round-front toilet bowls.

Round-front toilet bowls are a great option for people with small bathrooms. The shape of the bowl allows them to be more compact hence saving critical bathroom space.

You should therefore take your bathroom dimensions and also consider your own comfort needs before buying either and elongated or round-front Woodbridge toilet. If space is not a problem I would recommend the elongated toilets for their comfort.

I have also written an article on the pros and cons of elongated vs round toilets. Check it out here.

Comfort Height vs Standard Height Woodbridge Toilets

A comfort height toilet also known as an ADA toilet or right/universal/chair height toilet is a toilet with a toilet seat height of 17 to 19 inches. Such toilets are said to be compliant with the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Standard height toilets are toilets with a seat height less than that of comfort height toilets. They are not ADA-compliant.

Woodbridge manufacturers both comfort height toilets as well as standard height toilets. Most people love the comfort height toilets while other are happy to use standard height toilets.

The thing about comfort height toilets is that they allow you to sit and stand from the toilet without putting a lot of strain on your knees and bending your back. It is also easy for someone with a wheel chair to hop on and off.

Tall folks, seniors and people with limited mobility find the chair height toilets really comfortable to use. The same cannot however be said about children and generally short people.

This is where standard height toilets come in. While using a toilet, your feet should be firmly resting on the foot. Using a toilet with feet dangling in the air is not only unsafe but also uncomfortable.

I have written a detailed post on the pros and cons of comfort height toilet vs standard height toilets. Read it here.

Woodbridge Toilets Rough-In

The rough-in of a toilet is the distance between the toilets rear finished wall and the center of the drainpipe. Always make sure that you measure from the finished wall and not baseboard.

The standard rough-in of a toilet is 12 inches, although some toilets (especially in old buildings) have a rough-in of 10 or 14 inches. Toilets with non-standard rough-ins are really hard to find.

All Woodbridge toilets have a standard rough-in of 12 inches. Woodbridge does not make toilets with 10 or 14-inch rough-in.

Offset toilet flanges can be used to convert a 12-inch rough-in toilet into a 10 or 14-inch rough-in toilet. I am however not sure if they would work with a Woodbridge toilet.

If you would like a 10-inch rough-in toilet check out these ones I reviewed a while back. For folks looking to buy a 14-inch rough-in toilet, these 3 are the best in the market.

Woodbridge Toilets vs Other Toilets

So how does Woodbridge compare with the other 3 major toilets manufacturers? To compare like for like, we should compare the Woodbridge T-0001/0019 vs Toto Ultramax II, Kohler Santa Rosa or the American Standard Champion 4.

To have a broader looks at things however I have reviewed the top toilets from each of these 3 manufacturers. To see the best Toto toilets check out this post.

Kohler also makes great toilets with powerful flushing system thanks to the AquaPiston flushing technology. Here are the best Kohler toilets.

American Standard Champion 4 is arguably the best American Standard toilet, but there are others that are almost as good. Check out the best American Standard toilets in this post.


Woodbridge toilets are late-comers in the home improvement scene but they are here to stay. They are providing something that didn’t exist before and homeowners are happy to have them.

In summary here are the reasons for buying a Woodbridge toilet:

  • Sleek design
  • Compact one-piece design
  • Easy-to-clean skirted trapway
  • Water-efficient dual flush system
  • Quiet flushing
  • Slow close toilet seats
  • Affordable bidet toilet combos