9 Different Colors Toilets For Your Bathroom

Last Updated on August 24, 2022 by Alex Cubias

Fun fact, a toilet can come in a variety of colors. With that in mind, it must be acknowledged that most non-neutral colors will only be provided in parts, not the whole toilet.

When choosing a toilet, you have many options to decide between and factors to consider. Color is now another aspect to consider, the color you choose for your toilet will play a crucial role in creating the look and feel of the bathroom.

1: Black

As far as color coordination goes, black is like white in the sense that it matches every color, scheme, and style. That being said, when color coordinating things in a home, color schemes work very differently. Although it’s common for people to dress in all black, it is not common to see an entirely black room in a house, this is because it can be overwhelming to have too much of one color in a room.

If your bathroom is already a dark color, it is probably best that you don’t get a dark toilet as well. Black toilets can also bring harmony to a bathroom that has stone textures and colors like granite or marble.

2: Gray

Just like black, gray matches all colors and color schemes. However, when you begin interiorly designing your home, you’ll quickly find that too many light or dark colors in a room is overbearing. So if your color scheme fits well with it, a gray toilet would bring an elegant accent of color to the bathroom. This color is nice too because there are different shades of it. The brand Kohler offers a variety of neutral colors including different shades of gray. (Source)

A dark gray would really pop out in a light room, and it would look even better if the room has other small accents of dark colors like dark cabinets, handles, mirrors, or towels. This way, the dark toilet will bring a balance. In a light bathroom that has small gray accents, this colored toilet can provide a great pop of color to the bathroom while not looking out of place or tacky. A light gray would look pleasing in a darker room with light accents because it would bring that balance between light and dark.

3: Classic White

As everyone knows, the most common color for toilets is the classic white color. All large toilet manufacturers will have this as an option. You really can’t go wrong with a white toilet; no matter the style or color of the bathroom, white matches every color and color scheme. The downside to white is that it is very easy to see any stains, scratches, or other marks.

4: Off-White

Very close to the classic white toilet, off-white offers a slightly warmer color that is better able to hide dust and dirt. This color is still very common; in fact, a lot of customers prefer this color to white because its ability to hide dust or dirt allows owners to have a less strict cleaning routine.

5: Tan

This color is darker than both white colors and yellow, so it hides dust or dirt better than these options. Tan is still lighter than most grays though so it absorbs less sunlight, meaning it won’t heat up as much from sun exposure. This is a good option to complement colors such as gray, green, or white. (Source)

6: Yellow

The brand Kohler offers toilet seats and parts that are a light shade of yellow, this color is called Sunlight for their brand. This is an interesting alternative to the classic white toilet. While it is not a bright yellow, it is definitely still an unconventional color.

The only problem I can envision with this color is that yellow on a toilet is usually not a good look, it can give the wrong impression of being overly stained or gross but I suppose that would really depend on the shade of yellow. This color can be found on Kohler’s website using this link. This color can also only be found as parts, Kohler does not offer an entire toilet that is this color. (Source)

7: Pink

Kohler also offers a toilet seat and lid that is a pink color, it is called Wild Rose on their site and is a pretty dusty pink color. This appears to be a really nice color for a neutral brown, tan, or cream-colored bathroom. It is a little bit of a darker pink so it would go best with a bathroom that is on the lighter side. However, it is also light enough to where it would provide a brighter pop of color for a dark bathroom. However, the dusty tone of the color makes it seem best suitable for a lighter-colored bathroom.

8: Blue

Kohler also has pretty shades of blue for their toilet parts. Navy and Skylight are two names of the shades of blue that Kohler offers in toilet seats and lids. As you can imagine, Navy is a dark blue color that almost resembles black (I am sure it is more distinctively blue in person), this seems to be a good option for a light bathroom or one that has a beach theme.

Skylight, on the other hand, is a much lighter and brighter blue. It is still a more neutral/earthy color but it resembles a baby blue. This would be a fun twist on a toilet, it is a pretty color that could also match a beach-themed bathroom. One perk of this color is that it is just far enough off from white that it wouldn’t reveal scratches or dirt as much as other colors, but it also is similar in the sense that it is a light color that can almost match any color.

9: Services

For most out-of-the-ordinary colors, they can only be found as toilet parts but not the whole toilet. There are services that provide color samples and a plethora of bright and fun colors, but they only come as things like the toilet seat or back cover for the tank. This is the case for most of the more fun or specific colors.

While this option might sound weird, it might be cool to have something like a white toilet that has a purple seat and lid. For this option, though, it would really have to match well with the rest of the bathroom to not look out of place. The link attached is a source that is one of these services. This site offers color matching and samples for toilet parts like tank lids and seats; they come in an abundance of colors. (Source)