The 9 Best Urinals Options For Your Bathroom

Last Updated on September 13, 2022 by Alex Cubias

Urinals are very useful and convenient for men when using the bathroom, but they are mostly found in public bathrooms. However, if someone does install a home urinal, there are a few options better suited for the home bathroom.

Installing a urinal in a bathroom is a unique idea, so here is a list of the best urinals to install in your home.

Urinals Options For Your Bathroom

1. KOHLERDexter 0.125 GPF Urinal with Top Spud

This urinal has several amazing features, but the biggest one is the washout flush feature. This feature helps clean the urinal as well as conserve water before flushing. It releases water at the top of the urinal or above the bowl to rinse it before flushing.

One major complaint about having a home urinal is the cleaning process. With this washout flush feature, it does some of the routinely cleaning for you and cleans the urinal a little bit after every use. When it comes time to actually clean the urinal, your job will be much easier.

Some of the other features of this urinal are water conservation. Many home urinal owners opt for a waterless urinal in order to save water, instead of flushing and using extra water after every use. This is good in theory, but homeowners will soon realize that the urinals need to be cleaned much more often, or else they will start to stink. This washout flush feature is the best of both worlds! It helps clean the urinal after each use and conserves water.

At Home Depot, this urinal has a 3/4 inch top spud and only uses .125 GPF, otherwise known as gallons per flush. Users say it was easy to install and haven’t had any complaints so far. If you are looking to conserve water and make your life easier, this is the urinal for your bathroom.

2. Toto UT445U#01 Commercial Washout High Efficiency 0.125 GPF Cal-Green Urinal with Top Spud

This urinal is CalGreen compliant, meaning it is up to code with public health standards, creating a safer and cleaner environment for your bathroom and the inhabitants of your home. It’s also labeled as a high-efficiency urinal, which means many things.

Toto UT445U#01 Commercial Washout High Efficiency...
  • TOTO introduces the first of four 0. 125 GPF High Efficiency Urinals (HEUs)
  • High Efficiency urinal with integral trap. Powerful washdown flushing action. Privacy shields
  • ADA compliant. One year limited . CalGreen compliant

CalGreen is a building code in California that regulates the safety of buildings and public health. This safety in the buildings then impacts the health of the general public. In this instance, having a CalGreen urinal would keep home members safe. This urinal is CalGreen compliant, due to it having a 0.125 GPF.

Using less water during one flush may not seem like a lot, but over time it will add up to hundreds and thousands of gallons of water that will be saved. Think about how much water you use every day from washing your hands, to flushing the toilet, to taking a shower, to watering your plants, to washing dishes. We use so much water without even thinking about it, while some have none.

Choosing a CalGreen-compliant urinal is not only helpful to the environment but to your monthly water bill as well. (Source)

It weighs 63 pounds, is made out of vitreous china, and comes in a rectangular shape. It has a one-year warranty and its installation method is wall mounted.

3. KOHLERDarfield 0.5 or 1.0 GPF Urinal

This urinal varies when it comes to the GPF, so it isn’t always the most environment-friendly urinal, but it has much more benefits that outweigh the GPF. It has the siphon-jet flushing system, which is even better than the washout flush feature mentioned earlier.

The siphon-jet flushing system is a huge accomplishment in the plumbing industry as it is a more powerful flush without using a lot of water. It’s important to stay water conservative when using appliances like toilets and urinals.

Toilets used to waste almost five gallons of water, with every flush! In the late 1900s, we started to work towards water-conservative toilets, but it was not successful at first. Toilets need enough water to make the flush powerful. With the siphon jet system, there is an extra amount of water stored at the front of the toilet or urinal in this case.

This allows the flush to have enough water to move everything down and keep the toilet clean with each flush. Since urinals are only used for number one, and no toilet paper or number two is flushed down them, it doesn’t need much power for flushing. Having more power when flushing a urinal helps keep it clean after each usage. (Source)

This urinal can be found at Home Depot and comes with wall dividers as well. It uses up to one gallon of water per flush and has a 3/4 inch rear spud. It is available in several colors, including white, black, almond, and biscuit. Users say it was easy to install and has worked great so far. This is a great urinal if you are looking for one that is low maintenance.

4. KOHLERFreshman 1.0 GPF Urinal with Top Spud

This urinal, similar to the last one, also uses up to one gallon of water per flush and utilizes the siphon-jet feature for a more powerful flush. Something else about this urinal, which could be a pro or con, is that it is a ‘space-saving’ urinal. Depending on the size of your bathroom, needs, and who will be using the urinal, purchasing a smaller urinal could be good or bad.

If you have a smaller bathroom that is only made with the space for one toilet, adding a urinal can be tricky and space-consuming. If you are getting rid of the toilet and replacing it with a urinal, that’s great! But chances are you still need a toilet in the bathroom.

You don’t want a bathroom to be cramped, especially if it’s used by multiple people. This is where the space-saving urinal comes in. It is smaller and more compact, only one foot deep and 16 inches wide. It is two feet tall. This urinal will barely take up any space next to your normal-sized toilet.

It also depends on the usage of the bathroom. If this bathroom is also used by a woman, chances are she wants the bathroom to be cute and aesthetic. Having a giant urinal in there doesn’t really contribute to the aesthetic. If you purchase a smaller urinal, this is a great compromise. The urinal won’t be the focus of the room, and she can still make the bathroom look nice for guests and herself.

However, if you have small children, owning a smaller urinal can be a problem. Young boys already have trouble aiming for the toilet bowl or a normal-sized urinal. Add in a compact urinal? They don’t stand a chance. You’ll be wiping and cleaning the floor every day. You will either have to make it off limits or make some sacrifices.

This urinal can be found at Home Depot. It weighs 54 pounds, and users love its size.

5. American Standard 6002001.02 Pintbrook Water Saving Urinal

A major factor in purchasing a urinal is how much water it will end up using. This is not only for the sake of the environment, ut for the sake of your water bill. Unfortunately, this is something we have to think about as adults.

American Standard 6002001.02 Pintbrook Water...
  • Made from quality vitreous China
  • Powerful wash-down action
  • Optimized Chinaware contours provide superior splash protection

We don’t really think about water use when it comes to toilets, because it uses the same amount every time. We don’t have much control over it. When you add another plumbing device to the bill, it will add up. Not only do you have several toilets already in the house, but you’re adding another one just for the fun of it.

This being said, it’s important to choose a urinal that has water conversation in mind. This urinal is a water-saving urinal, and it comes with wall hangers, is made out of vitreous china, and only weighs 40 pounds.

6. KOHLERDexter 1.0 GPF Urinal with Top Spud

This Kohler Dexter urinal uses up to one gallon of water with each flush and has a 3/4 inch top spud. It comes with the spud and wall hangers if needed. It comes in several colors, even black. This is a great urinal to choose if you are looking for a new aesthetic in your bathroom.

Many people are choosing black for the outside of the house, their kitchen cabinets, and the color for their accent wall in the sitting room. It sounds out there, but once painted, it brings a level of sophistication and sleekness to the house.

If you are looking to bring that to your bathroom, this is the urinal for you. You could pair it with black and white checkered tile or have the black urial as the focus of your bathroom. It’s very limiting to only have white urinals to choose from.

7. Swiss Madison Voltaire Waterless Urinal

Speaking of aesthetics and sleek styles, this waterless urinal is exactly that. It has a very simple, modern, and minimalistic design. It is 14 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 23 inches long. It only weighs 15 pounds! This will make for easy delivery and installation. When picking a urinal for your home, it’s important to think about functionality but also design.

Something that sets this urinal apart from the previous ones listed is that this urinal is waterless. This makes for easy use and fewer germs, but much more cleanup and possible odor, if not installed correctly. Many homeowners will choose waterless urinals because they want to save water. This is true.

The Swiss Madison Voltaire Waterless Urinal is waterless, which will save you thousands of gallons of water every year, especially when it is compared to a traditional flushable urinal. Since we aren’t touching buttons to flush the urinal, this is much cleaner and healthier.

Because of the simple design, this urinal is also much easier to clean than many others. Many wonder about the urinal smell if it isn’t flushable. However, waterless urinals have odor-free technology in place.

8. KOHLERBardon 0.125 GPF Urinal

This Bardon urinal from Kohler has many amazing features, from the modern design to limited slash back, but it is also a qualified HEU, also known as a highly efficient urinal due to its water conservation. A urinal counts as highly efficient when it has a GPF of .5 or less, 50% less than the maximum GPF. This urinal has a GPF of 0.125, way less than the qualification. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to choose a urinal with less than one GPF, for your water bills and the environment. (Source)

Since this urinal is designed to have limited splashback, you will be cleaning it less. This is a great urinal for a family bathroom, where young boys will use it and not always aim correctly. The Bardon Urinal can be found at Home Depot.

9. KOHLERSteward Waterless Urinal

Similar to the Swiss Madison Voltaire Urinal, the Kohler Steward has an extremely sleek and simple design. This makes cleaning easier, but also creates a more aesthetic design for your home bathroom. This urinal is also waterless, which saves thousands of gallons a year compared to a flushable urinal. It creates fewer germs for the user, saves the environment, and can be found at Home Depot. This urinal is much more expensive than other urinals on this list but has several benefits that make it worth your money.

When choosing a urinal for your home bathroom, it is important to think about what you want out of it. Do you want a flushable toilet for easier cleaning or a waterless urinal for water conservation? Are you focused on the functionality or the aesthetic? How much room do you have in the bathroom for another appliance? No matter what criteria you have, there will be a urinal that fits it.