About Us

Hello, my name is Stephen, a chemical engineering technician and an ardent traveler. After my graduation, I joined the oil and gas industry where I worked as a field specialist for five years in different countries.

After my son was born, I resigned from my work to spend more time with my family and to start this blog. I write all the content while my wife does all the proofreading and editing.

Why Toilet Haven? I am a son of a professional plumber. As a young boy and even as a young man, I worked on many projects with my father installing and fixing toilets and that’s where I caught the plumbing bug. I chose to concentrate on the toilet because I love plumbing and also love design. Toilets enhance bathroom design.

The objective of starting this blog is to offer help to homeowners on how to fix common toilet problems, toilet installations and also advise them on the best products in the market to suit their specific preferences.

Feel free to contact us (The Stephens) on any issue that you may want us to address and we will be happy to revert back to you.