How to Install a Soft Close Toilet Seat- With Pictures

Last Updated on May 18, 2022 by toilethaven

Everyone these days is talking about soft close toilet seats. And they are revolutionary I agree. It is practically a toilet seat on a silent mode. Soft close toilet seats are made to defy gravity.

If you are thinking of buying a soft close toilet seat or already have bought one and struggling with installation, this post is for you. I will show you how to install a soft close toilet seat in minutes.

All soft close toilet seats are not the same. There are 4 types of soft close toilet seats. The mode of installation also varies, but we will cover all of them here.

Types of Soft Close Toilet Seats

  1. Top-fixing soft close toilet seats
  2. Bottom-fixing soft close toilet seats
  3. Quick-release soft close toilet seats
  4. Standard soft close toilet seats

The top-fixing mechanism gives you the joy of installing the toilet seat from the top. In other toilet seats, you have to bend over and tighten a wingnut from underneath the toilet bowl.

The top fixing mechanism is mostly popular with toilets which are skirted, and have no means of accessing the underside of the bowl. It can also be used with other toilet types.


A bottom-fixing soft close toilet seat is a little tiresome to install than a top fixing one. You will needed to hold a wingnut underneath the toilet bowl with one hand and screw in the bolt with your other hand using a screwdriver.

A quick-release soft close toilet seat mechanism will make it easier for you to remove and reinstall the seat. This is especially important while cleaning the toilet.

You just press a button (or none at all) and the seat is out. Most top and bottom fixing soft close toilet seats have a quick-release mechanism hinges.

A standard soft close toilet seat is probably the least convenient soft close toilet seat. Apart from being a bottom fixing seat, it has no quick-release functionality. All the same, it is way better than a slamming toilet seat.

Items Needed

  • Measuring tape
  • Flathead screwdriver

How to Install a Quick-Release Top Fixing Soft Close Toilet Seat

Before installing your new soft close toilet seat, you will first need to remove your old toilet seat. If unsure how to check out this post. If the toilet seat you are removing is also a soft close one, check out how to remove it in this post.

  • Thoroughly clean the top of the toilet bowl.
  • Insert the two expansion screws all the way in through the two toilet seats holes on the bowl. Make sure they are all the way in and the flat top is laying solid on the bowl.
  • Place the two mounting bases on top of each expansion screw.
  • Insert the metallic washers on the slot of each mounting base
  • Slot in a bolt on each mounting base.
  • Screw in each bolt but do not tighten yet.
  • Ensure the mounting posts are facing the toilet bowl.
  • Take a tape measure and measure the distance between the two mounting holes on the seat. Compare it to the distance between the two stainless posts of the mounting base. The mounting base is made in such a way that it can accommodate toilet seats with different bolt spreads. Adjust the mounting posts to match the distance of the seat’s mounting holes.
  • Take the toilet seat and try to align the two holes with the two posts.
  • If the two align, remove the seat and screw in the bolts fully.
  • Some mounting bases come with either a stainless steel cap or a cap matching the color of the seat. Put the cap on the mounting base.
  • Now take the toilet seat and push it through the two posts.
  • You should here a click as a confirmation that the seat has engaged properly.

And basically that is how to install a soft close toilet seat with top-fixing and quick-release mechanism. In order to remove such a toilet, some brands have one two buttons which you push and lift off the seat. In some you simply raise the seat to a 90 degrees angle and lift it off

How to Install a Quick-Release Bottom-fixing Soft Close Toilet Seat

  • Take the plastic/rubber washer and slot the fixing bolt through it.
  • Now do the same for the other bolt and washer.
  • Insert the bolt and washer through the toilet seat mounting holes on the bowl.
  • From the bolts protruding from the underside of the bowl, put in a washer and a wingnut on each bolt and screw in all the way but not tight.
  • Take your seat and fit it over the top mounting. Some seats a have buttons but others you just push them in gently.
  • Check if the seat is well aligned with the toilet bowl.
  • If the seat is not well aligned adjust the top mounting until you are satisfied.
  • While holding the wingnut below the toilet bowl, screw in the head of the bolt with a screw driver.
  • Most toilet seats come with a plastic cap to cover the top of the bolt. This cap also helps to prevent the seat from rocking. Put the cap on.
  • Ensure your seat is sturdy. If not tighten some more. Never use a wrench to tighten plastic nuts.

That is how to install a soft close toilet seat with a quick-release and bottom fixing mechanism. As you can see it is not as difficult as you might have thought.

How to Install a Standard Soft Close Toilet Seat

  • Take one toilet seat bolt and put a washer through it. Do the same for the other bolt.
  • Now slot the two bolts through the toilet seat mounting holes on the bowl.
  • Feed a washer and nut on the bolts from underneath the bowl.
  • Hand tight the nut all the way to the top.
  • While holding the nut with your hand tighten the bolt from the top using a screwdriver.
  • Once the bolt is tight put on the two plastic covers on top of the bolt heads.

Installing a standard soft close toilet seat is similar to installing a quick-release bottom fixing soft close toilet seat.  To an outsider the seats actually look the same. The quick-release mechanism is only beneficial in that it allows you to removing the set quickly when cleaning.

If you are installing a bidet toilet seat (all bidet seats are slow close) the process is a little different. Check out how to install a bidet toilet seat here.


Soft close toilet seats are quickly replacing the regular toilet seats. The introduction of the top fixing and quick-release functionality makes them even more practical.

The only bad thing about soft close toilet seat is that the soft close feature does not last as long as you like it to. That is why most seats have a 1 year warranty.