10 Best Over-the-Toilet Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Over-the-toilet storage units are an awesome way of storing some of your bathroom essentials. When done correctly, over-the-toilet storage can actually be used to accessorize your bathroom and not merely as a storage unit.

While I understand that these units are what their names suggest, loading them up with literally everything you can find is a bad idea. This way, your bathroom ends up looking stuffy and uninspiring.

There are a couple of things you need to consider before buying an over-the-toilet storage unit, as we will see later in this post. However, you must decide from the word go which type of storage unit you want.


There are two types of over-the-toilet storage units/shelves. These are freestanding and wall-mounted over the toilet storage units.

Freestanding over-the-toilet storage units are preferred to wall-mounted ones because you place them on the bathroom floor, and there is no need to drill the bathroom walls. Most people don’t like messing with their bathroom walls, for good reason.

Let us now look at the best toilet storage units and also see why you should buy them.

The Best Over-the-Toilet Storage Units are:

Storage Unit Toilet Clearance (inches) Type Finish
1. Allzone Over The Toilet Storage Rack Adjustable Freestanding White
2. Tangkula Over The Toilet Storage Rack 36 Freestanding White
3. Giantex Over The Toilet Storage 32 Freestanding White
4. Viefin Over The Toilet Storage Rack 34.5 Freestanding White
5. Zenna Home 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Storage 35 Freestanding/wall-mounted Brown and black
6. MyGift 3-Tier Ladder Shelf 31 Freestanding Dark brown
7. Fodue Industrial Pipe Rustic Bathroom Shelf. N/A Wall-mounted Brown and black
8. MyGift Over the Toilet Storage w/Magazine Basket 34 Freestanding Black/white
9. Utex 3-Shelf Over The Toilet Bathroom Organizer 33 Freestanding White/gray
10. Alaterre Furniture Dorset Toilet Base Storage 34 Freestanding White

1. Allzone Over The Toilet Storage Rack

ALLZONE 4 Tier Over Commode Shelving, Over The...
  • AMPLE SPACE: Height and Wide adjustable. Pole Height: 92-116'' & Shelf Length : 22-33''
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO INSTALL: Supported by floor and ceiling, no tools, no drilling,no damage.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made by steel pipe and painted. NO RUST, NO painting peel off, stable and secure.

I love this storage rack for how simple yet practical it is. For anyone with a small bathroom, this unit is one of those you should consider.

To start with, the unit is completely easy to put together. You don’t need to be a handyman/woman to do it. It comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions; even more exciting is that you don’t need any tool to install it.

The unit is very sturdy because it is supported by both the floor and the ceiling. The guys at Allzone recognize that different houses have different ceiling heights, so they have made this unit adjustable. The height can be adjusted from 67 to 118 inches.

Apart from the height, its width is also adjustable. It has four shelves that can be adjusted from 22 to 33 inches long and are 10.6 inches wide. Apart from that, you can adjust the position of each shelf up or down along the vertical poles. Each shelf can carry up to 22 pounds of weight.

This over-the-toilet storage unit is made from high-quality steel and painted beautifully in white. It will. Therefore, it does not rust, and the paint will not peel off easily.

2. Tangkula Over The Toilet Storage Rack

Tangkula Over The Toilet Storage Rack, 70 Inch...
  • [Utilize Vertical Space Above Toilet]: This freestanding over-the-toilet storage shelf helps you to organize toiletries well without eating up too much floor area. With a ground clearance measuring...
  • [Multi-Functional Storage Rack]: This 4-tier storage rack offers roomy open space for easy access, which is perfect to place often-used things. It is an ideal storage option for not only bathrooms but...
  • [Reliable & Stable Construction]: The rustproof metal frame is sturdy and durable for long-lasting service. And the X-shape structure adds extra stability. Besides, the adjustable foot pads not only...

If you are looking for an over-the-top toilet storage that is spacious, sturdy, and modern looking, then this Tangkula rack fits the bill. Its frame is made from heavy-duty iron, while the shelves are made from wood.

I like the fact that it combines two great finishes beautifully. The frame has a matte black finish, while the shelves have a brown finish, which will easily blend in with any bathroom design.

The four shelves are spacious both in-depth and the distance between one and the next, allowing you to store more items. There is about a 12-inch gap between the shelves and a depth of about 10 inches. Each shelf can comfortably hold 33 pounds.

To make sure that this unit is sturdy enough, the manufacturer has designed it with four adjustable leveling feet. It does not matter whether you put it on a carpet or an uneven floor. You need to play around with the feet until you get a good balance.

Assembling this rack will not take you more than 30 minutes. It helps to enlist the services of a helper to help you hold the shelves down as you screw them into the frame. Cleaning it is equally fast and easy.

If you are wondering if it will fit over your toilet, the bottom of the lower shelf is 36 inches from the floor. You will, therefore, have about 3 inches of clearance to play with. Its overall dimensions are 9.5 inches in depth, 23.5 inches in width, and 69.5 inches in height.

3. Giantex Over The Toilet Storage

Giantex Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet,...
  • 2 Elegant Frosted Glass Doors: This over-the-toilet storage cabinet features double doors that are made of frosted glass. The frosted glass shows elegance and adds charm to your bathroom. With 2...
  • Ample & Flexible Storage Area: You will find a removable and adjustable shelf once the doors open, allowing you to stow items of different heights. What’s more, the middle open storage shelf holds...
  • Practical Bathroom Space Saver: As a space-saving bathroom organizer, this over-the-toilet storage cabinet maximizes the room above the toilet while taking a little floor space. The ground clearance...

This is a 4-legged over-the-toilet storage cabinet made from wood and glass. It has three shelves, with the lower one being open while the 2 top ones have doors. This is a great design to ensure that you store items frequently used on the lower shelf while those that are used once in a while are on the top shelves.

This storage cabinet is both sturdy and easy to put together. It will probably take between 20 and 45 minutes to assemble it, depending on your skill level.

It fits perfectly over the toilet, and there is good clearance from the water supply line and shut-off valve. The distance from the floor to the bottom of the lower shelf is 32 inches which is more than enough to go over any toilet. There is a 20-inch gap between the 2 pairs of legs, which is more than the width of any toilet.

Even though the cabinet shelves are made from MDF, this unit is very solid and has thick legs; hence, it will not wiggle at all. I also like the fact that you can use the top of the cabinet to store extra items or even put them in a flowing vase. Its overall dimensions are 7.5 inches in depth, 23 inches in width, and a height of 67 inches.

The smooth white finish compliments most bathroom décor and transitions beautifully with the toilet. It is also easy to clean as it has no rough surfaces. Overall, I would say this storage unit is worth every penny.

4. Viefin Over The Toilet Storage Rack

If your toilet is in a tight spot, and you don’t have many items to store, then the Viefin over the toilet storage rack is a good option. It is a 2-shelf rack constructed from 100% pine wood.

Apart from being a storage unit, this rack is beautifully crafted and nicely finished, which also helps to accessorize your bathroom further. This is one of the reasons why wood is such a great building material. You can easily tell this is solid wood by just looking at it.

The rack is made in such a way that the base is a little wider than the top. This helps to distribute its weight, making it stable evenly. Each of the four legs has an adjustment pad that screws in and out to help you adjust the height. The pad is made of rubber, preventing the wood from contacting the floor, which can sometimes be wet/dumped.

The rack is sturdy on its own, and putting it together is easy enough to be done by anyone. It, however, comes with an anti-tip kit that attaches to the wall for extra sturdiness. This is especially helpful for people with kids.

The two shelves measure 25 inches by 7.5 inches and are 10 inches apart. Overall, the rack measures 10 inches in depth, 25 inches in width, and 51.2 inches in height. The distance from the floor to the lower shelf is 34.5 inches. Its load capacity is 33 pounds.

5. Zenna Home 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Storage

On Sale
Zenna Home 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Bathroom,...
  • BRINGS VALUABLE BATHROOM STORAGE INTO BATH AREAS WITH LIMITED SPACE: Over-the-toilet space saver helps organize and declutter your bathroom by taking advantage of the normally wasted space above your...
  • WITH 3 WOOD SHELVES HOLD YOUR BELONGINGS: Spacesaver's 3 wooden shelves provide ample space for shampoo, soap, conditioner, linens and other bath items, or use to display decorative accessories; unit...
  • MADE TO FIT OVER MOST TOILETS: Bottom shelf is 35 in. from floor, so space saver fits over most standard-sized toilets

The Zenna Home over-the-toilet storage is a 3-shelf rack made from metal and wood. Although the wood is not solid but a laminate, it is well-finished and looks great. The metal frame is also well-painted and will not corrode.

Assembling it will take a while but is not complicated since it’s a straightforward task and an easy-to-follow manual. You need to be careful as it comes with many screws, and you don’t want to lose any of them. If possible, have someone help you out. Most importantly, press the shelves down as you screw them in.

Although this is mostly sold as a freestanding over-the-toilet storage rack, Zenna Home has an alternative model, which is wall-mounted. It is made from the same material as the freestanding one but with two shelves and a towel bar at the bottom.

It is great for people who don’t have enough space besides the toilet. Its dimensions are 9 inches in depth, 20 inches in width, and a height of 27.5 inches.

Although the freestanding storage rack is sturdy on its own, Zenna Homes recommends that you mount it to the wall for extra stability and safety. They provide the necessary hardware to do that.

Its dimensions are 9 inches in depth, 24 inches wide, and 66 inches wide. The shelves are 22.75 inches in width and 8.12 inches in depth. The space between the shelves is 10.5 inches. There is a 35 inches gap between the floor and the bottom of the lower shelf.

6. MyGift 3-Tier Ladder Shelf

MyGift 5.5 Foot Tall Rustic Burnt Solid Wood Over...
  • 3-tiered leaning over-the-toilet storage wooden shelving stand for space-saving bathroom organization of towels, toiletries, and decorative items **Some assembly required**
  • 5.5-foot-tall standing shelf is crafted of solid wood in a burnt dark brown finish for a modern rustic aesthetic that complements a wide range of décor
  • Three tiers of 7.5-by-20-inch shelves offer ample storage for small towels, toiletries, and bathroom essentials, keeping any space tidy and clutter-free

MyGift has cemented its place as one of the best makers of rustic bathroom accessories. I love their products because I’ve yet to come across a bad one. This ladder-style over-the-toilet storage shelf is no exception.

It is made from solid wood with a dark brown finish that will effortlessly complement any rustic and country-themed decor. Since it has only two legs, just like the ordinary ladder, most people might be wondering how it is fastened up to make it stable and safe to use.

This storage unit has coated hardware that allows you to secure it to the wall. The legs also have foot pads which prevent slippage and scratching on the floor.

The overall width of the unit is 23.25 inches, 15.75 inches in depth, and 66.5 inches in height. Each shelf has a length of 20.5 inches length, 7.75 inches in depth, and 1.5 inches in height. The space between 2 shelves is 7.5 inches. There is a 31 inches between the floor and the bottom of the lower shelf.

The only thing that may not work for you is if you have a real toilet. Most over-the-top toilet storage units have at least a 33-inch gap between the floor and the lowest shelf, so I feel this one is a little shorter. Other than that, it looks really good.

7. Fodue Industrial Pipe Rustic Bathroom Shelf.

FODUE Industrial Pipe Shelf,Rustic Wall Shelf with...
  • 【Retro Style】:Iron pipes and reclaimed real wood composition in vintage style.Storage and decorations.It can also be used outdoors.
  • 【Size】:Length24” x Height41.73” x Deep9.84".Wood: Length24” x Depth 9.84" x Thickness 0.78''.
  • 【Multi-functional】:The floating shelves are versatile, such as bathroom accessories, towel holder, bookcase, spice racks.

This wall-mounted over-the-toilet storage shelf unit is made from cast-iron industrial pipes and wood. Depending on your space and budget, you can opt for the 3-shelf rack or the 2-shelf rack. The price difference is not that much, though.

To be honest, I am yet to come across anyone who does not like this style. It brings out this vintage look which looks so traditional yet so stylish. The pipes are painted black, while the wood has a brown finish. The shelves are made of natural wood and not MDF.

I wouldn’t say that assembling and mounting this shelf is a piece of cake since it comes in many small pieces. It’s not harder, though; it just takes time. In my opinion, some of the instructions given by the manufacturer can be confusing. The best thing is to have a picture of the whole assembled thing and, from there on, figure out what goes where.

Once you are done installing it, you will love it. I don’t have a specific number, but I know it can carry good weight since it is all solid metal and wood. While you use the shelves to store anything you might need, the lower pipe is a nice place to hang towels or anything else that needs hanging.

Another great feature about this unit is that it is not restricted to the bathroom only. You can mount it in the kitchen or library to use as a bookshelf.

Its overall dimensions are 24 inches wide, 9.84 inches deep, and 41.73 inches high. The shelves are 24 inches wide, 9.4 inches wide, and with a thickness of 0.78 inches. The Space between the shelves is 12 inches.

8. MyGift Over the Toilet Storage w/Magazine Basket

On Sale
MyGift White Metal Over The Toilet Standing Shelf...
  • 3-foot-tall freestanding bathroom organizer white metal rack conveniently stands over the toilet providing an instant storage solution **Some assembly required**
  • Space-saving bathroom standing shelf holds toilet paper, toiletries, decorative items, and more, with a minimal footprint that is ideal for compact spaces
  • Crafted of durable metal in a matte white powder-coat finish with a top mesh shelf and scrollwork accents; adjustable magazine basket can be moved to either side or removed completely

This simple, cute, and budget-friendly one-shelf freestanding over-the-toilet storage unit th perfect for those who do not need a lot of storage space. It has a beautiful white finish which blends in perfectly with the toilet and other bathroom items.

If you love reading a chapter of a book before you sleep or scrolling through different magazines as you do your business, then this is the product for you. It comes with a removable magazine basket, which you attach to the side of the shelf; hence, it is easy to reach.

Since this storage unit is not too tall, it is very sturdy, and you will not need to mount it on the wall. Its 4 four legs are also wide, occupying a larger surface than the top, which increases its overall stability. You will, however, need to put it together since it is not shipped whole. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes, though.

The dimensions of the shelf are 22 inches long and 8.25 inches deep. The bottom wider section of the unit is 23.5 inches long and 11.5 inches deep. The overall height is 38.5 inches. From the floor to under the shelf, there is a 34-inch gap, which will fit most, if not all, toilets.

9. Utex 3-Shelf Over The Toilet Bathroom Organizer

On Sale
UTEX Over The Toilet Storage Shelf, 3-Tier Over...
  • Maximize Vertical Space: Utilize the area above your toilet for clutter-free counters and easy access to your essentials with our over toilet bathroom organizer.
  • Convenient Eye-Level Storage: Keep your must-have bathroom essentials within reach at eye level for effortless access every time with the toilet shelf rack.
  • Stylish Design: Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with the above toilet shelves, blending seamlessly with any aesthetic.

This storage could have easily been my best over the toilet storage unit, were it not for one flaw that I will mention further below. Let us first start with the positives. It is a beautifully done storage unit with 3 three big shelves, but it is also compact enough to fit in a small bathroom.

It is made from wood which looks great and is very well priced. To be honest, it is hard to find any other product that is this good and also competitively priced. I prefer the white finish, but you can also go for the gray one if it will go well with your style.

It is sturdy. The base of the unit is made a little wider to help with the weight distribution, and as a result, this unit will not wiggle. For your safety, you could attach it to the wall to prevent it from toppling if, say, a kid pulled it to one side.

Now, here is where I have a problem with it. A small knob called a toilet shut-off valve is on the wall behind your toilet. A water line runs from the valve to the tank. It refills the tank after each flush. This is where the problem is. The lowest crossbar gets in the way of the shut-off valve.

I don’t know if this is the case with all bathrooms, but it is a complaint I have heard. The way to go about it is to make up the whole assembly without that crossbar and only fix it as the last piece. That way, you are able to play with the space and be innovative.

Other than that, this is a great product, and that is why I recommend it. Assembling it together is easy but will take time. The instructions are not the easiest to follow, but if you look at the picture, it will be very easy to know exactly what goes where.

It is 10 inches deep, 25.1 inches wide and 61.5 inches high. The shelves are 22.5 inches long and inches deep. The space between the first and the second shelf is 11 inches, while that between the second and the third is 10 inches. Most toilets will comfortably fit under it because the distance from the floor to the lowest shelf is 33 inches.

10. Alaterre Furniture Dorset Toilet Base Storage

Alaterre Furniture Dorset Toilet Base Storage
  • Top of base/shelf is 27"D x 9"D
  • Finish the look of your powder room or extra bath with this storage base.
  • Area under shelf is 23"W x 34"H x 7 7/8"D

This simple but beautiful over-the-toilet tank table is designed for people who do not need a lot of storage space. It is made of solid wood with clean lines that add a crisp white finish.

Its four legs are thick enough, which makes it very stable. You don’t need to secure it on the wall for extra sturdiness. Simply lift it over the toilet and put on it whatever you need to. It, however, has wall-mount hardware just in case you need to, especially if your floor is not even.

This storage unit looks great and well-made, but I feel it is slightly over the top. I understand that wood is more expensive than MDF, but still, I feel the product’s value is not all there.

It is 26 inches long, 8 inches deep and 37 inches high. The gap between the floor and the bottom of the shelf is 34 inches. Hence, it will fit most toilets comfortably. Its weight capacity is 75 pounds.

Over the Toilet Storage Buying Guide?

What should you consider while buying an over-the-toilet storage unit? These are the factors that I believe are important and you should pay close attention to in order to end up with the best over-the-toilet storage unit for your bathroom.


1. Over the Toilet Storage Dimensions

Before buying an over-the-toilet storage unit, you need to be sure that it is going to fit over your toilet. So, pick up a measuring tape and enter the bathroom. Measure the height of the toilet from the floor to the top of the tank lid.

Also, measure the width and depth of the toilet and make sure that there is enough clearance on each side. As you shop for an over-the-toilet storage unit, make sure that its space below the lowest shelf is more than the height of the toilet.


Another thing to consider is the overall height of the storage unit. This can be critical if you are not a very tall person. You do not want to end up with a unit with shelves too high to reach.

The distance between each two shelves is another important dimension to consider. If you intend to store some baskets on the shelves, you want to be sure that they are going to fit.

In this review, I have made sure that I have given you all the important dimensions to help you in your decision-making.

2. The finishing


Of course, you do not want your over-the-toilet storage to look out of place. You want to create harmony with the existing bathroom fixtures as much as possible. Take your time to imagine how you would want your bathroom to look, and finally, go for the finish that best complements your bathroom style.

3. Material


Over-the-toilet storage units are either made from wood, metal, or both. It is a little tricky when it comes to wood. You will either have a solid wood storage unit or one made of MDF. Solid wood products are generally more expensive than those made from MDF.

Take your time to check out what material the unit is made of to avoid disappointments at the end.



The Toilet Storage units are an amazing way of utilizing the space above the toilet, especially for people with small bathrooms. As we have seen, you do not always need to go for the free-standing over-the-toilet storage units. You can also go for wall-mounted shelves, which do not interfere with your toilet at all. They also look more stylish.