The 11 Best Toilets to Buy – Stop Searching!

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What is the best toilet to buy?

There are very many types of toilets. Buying the best toilet is not an easy task, especially if you have no plumbing experience.

To determine the best 11 of them, I have reviewed over 30 top toilet models and incorporated my experience. I assure you that you won’t go wrong with any of these 11 toilets.

A toilet is something that will serve you for many years (decades), and I, therefore, urge you to be meticulous in your choice in order to reap the maximum benefits of your money’s worth.

In my opinion, the Toto brand of toilets is the best in terms of flushing power. Kohler, Woodbridge, and American Standard are also quite good, but there are also some smaller brands that have decent toilets as well, though not very popular.

The 11 Best Toilets are:

Toilet Name Water Consumption (GPF) Bowl height (Inches) Style
1. Toto Ultramax II 1.28 16.125 1-piece
2. American Standard Champion 4 1.6 16.5 1-piece
3. Woodbridge T-0001 1/1.6 16.5 1-piece, skirted
4. Toto Drake II 1.28 16.125 2-piece
5. Kohler Santa Rosa 1.28 16.5 1-piece
6. Swiss Madison St. Tropez 0.8/128 16.5 2-piece,skirted
7. Toto Neorest 0.8/1 15.5 1-piece,smart
8. Kohler Cimarron 1.28 16.5 2-piece
9. Saniflo Sanicompact 1/1.28 18.5 1-piece,tankless
10. Toto Aquai Wall-hung 0.92/1.6 15-19 1-piece
11. American Standard Cadet 3 1.28 16.5 2-piece,skirted

The Best Toilets Reviews

Writing this review was not easy. There are so many types of toilets in the market that would rank well as good toilets depending on the factors being put under consideration.

These are, however, the 11 best toilets to buy, in my opinion. Each of these toilets will be worth your money. In ranking the toilets, I considered a few factors, the main ones being:

  • Flushing power
  • Water efficiency
  • Design/Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • Brand
  • Comfort

And here is the review of the 11 best toilets in the market today:

1. Toto Ultramax II – Best Toilet Overall

Toto MS604114CEFG#11 Bathroom-Hardware, 1.28 GPF,...
  • Sleek high profile one piece toilet
  • Universal height for maximum comfort: 16-1/8" rim height
  • Powerful, quiet flush every time

The Toto Ultramax II is a single flush one-piece elongated toilet. To understand what makes the Toto Ultramax II the best toilet to buy, let us look at its features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

  • One-piece toilet
  • 16.125-inch bowl height
  • Left-hand chrome trip lever finish
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Tornado flush
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Vitreous China material
  • Cefiontect glaze
  • Manual gravity flush
  • Soft close seat included
  • Elongated toilet bowl
  • 99 pounds
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • Toilet dimensions: 28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8 inches
  • Mounting bolts, wax ring, and water supply line not included
  • One-year limited warranty


Toto Ultramax II uses Toto’s revolutionary Tornado flush system. It uses 1. 28 gallons of water for each flushing, meaning it’s very efficient, surpassing the 1.6 gallons per flush industry standard. Over a period of time, that’s a lot of water conserved. The flushing system is powerful and only takes 10 quiet seconds to refill the tank.

EPA’s WaterSense and California’s CEC have all certified this toilet as being compliant with their water usage requirements. it can therefore be sold in any part of the United States.

The Cefiontect glaze gives this toilet a lubricious quality that prevents dirt from adhering to its surface and the growth of mold. This super smooth surface makes it easy to clean, spending even less time and water.

If you hate the sound of the toilet seat slamming on the bowl, then you will love this toilet. The toilet seat has a hinge mechanism that prompts it to close quietly and softly.

The elongated toilet bowl and universal height (ADA compliant) make this toilet a good pick for persons with disability, tall people, and generally people with limited mobility. the toilet bowl height is 16.125 inches which will increase to 17.25 when you add the seat making the Toto Ultramax II a comfortable height toilet.

If you would like another color apart from the cotton white, this toilet is also available in colonial white, ebony, bone, and Sedona beige.

The Toto Ultramax II is a bit pricey compared to other toilets but going by its specifications, it’s not difficult to know why in our opinion, it is the overall best toilet to buy.

If you would like to buy the ‘deluxe’ model of the Toto Ultramax II, check out the Toto Carlyle II. It is the skirted version of the Ultramax II which makes it look so sleek.

Tot Carlyle II can also be installed in bathrooms with a rough-in of either 10 or 14 inches. Check it out here on Amazon.

If you would like to read a detailed post on some of the best Toto toilets, I have a whole article on that. Read it here.

2. American Standard Champion 4 – Best Flushing Toilet

American Standard 2004314.020 Champion 4 One-Piece...
  • CLOG-FREE RELIABILITY: Large 4-in. flush valve for optimal power
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN: One-piece toilet has less seams and crevices
  • EVERCLEAN SURFACE: Inhibits stain and odor-causing buildup

American Standard Champion 4 is designed to be the best performing clog-free toilet, which produces a faster and more powerful flush that moves a 70% larger mass than a standard toilet.

There have been many models of the Champion 4 over the years, but this is the latest and obviously the best one.

Features and Specifications

  • Elongated toilet
  • one-piece toilet
  • 16.5-inch bowl height
  • Slow close toilet seat included
  • 1.6 gallons per flush
  • 4-inch piston flush valve
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • EverClean surface
  • 2-3/8 inch glazed trapway
  • 118 pounds
  • Vitreous china material
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Mounting bolts and wax ring included
  • Matching toilet bolt caps included
  • Toilet dimensions: 29.5 x 16.75 x 29.75 inches.


This one-piece toilet comes with American Standard’s EverClean antimicrobial additive that helps maintain it, makes it easy to clean, and stays clean for longer.

The 4-inch accelerator flush valve pushes water into the bowl about three times faster than a 2-inch flush valve and twice as fast as a 3-inch valve. As a result, pressurized water enters the bowl, cleaning it thoroughly in only one flush. The Champion 4 uses 1.6 gallons per flush.

In addition to the 4-inch flush valve, this toilet has an extra-large 2-3/8 inch fully glazed trap way, which helps to flush down the water faster and more powerfully. This is why the American Standard Champion 4 is one of the best flushing toilets.

The Champion-4 is an ADA-compliant toilet with a toilet bowl length of 16.5 inches. People living with disabilities, tall people, and seniors will find this to be one of the best toilet options for them.

This toilet will also be shipped to you with a slow-close toilet seat, mounting bolts, and a wax ring included. If you do not already have a water supply line, you will have to buy one separately.

Due to its a little bit higher consumption of water, this toilet cannot be sold in Texas and California. Regulations there require that a toilet consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less.

If you want to buy a WaterSense-certified toilet, The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 should be a great choice. It uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The American Standard Champion-4 is, without a doubt, one of the best and most powerful flushing toilets, and you should really consider it while shopping for a toilet.

I have also written a detailed review of some of the best American Standard toilets. Read it here.

3. Woodbridge T-0001 – Best Dual Flush Toilet

WOODBRIDGE T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece...
  • ✅ [LUXURIOUS MODERN DESIGN]: Luxurious Modern Design one piece toilet , Clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles like modern , craftsman , traditional and etc.
  • ✅ [EASIEST TO CLEAN TOILET]: WOODBRIDGE toilets are the easiest to clean on the market, with a completely smooth, easy to wipe down surface. With our fully concealed trap-way, there are no bends or...
  • ✅ [QUITE AND POWERFUL FLUSHING]: Siphon Flushing one piece toilet, Fully glazed flush system , bringing a super quiet and powerful flushing - NO clogs, NO leaks, and NO problem

The Woodbridge T-0001 is a modern and beautifully designed dual flush one-piece elongated and fully skirted toilet. This toilet’s sleek and luxurious look will be guaranteed to complement any bathroom décor.

Features and Specifications

  • One-piece toilet
  • Elongated toilet bowl
  • 1/1.6 gallons per flush
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • 129 pounds
  • Ceramic made
  • Siphon jet dual flush
  • Soft closing seat included
  • WaterSense compliant
  • 16.5-inch bowl height
  • Fully glazed trap
  • Skirted design
  • Chrome finish flush rectangular buttons
  • Pure white
  • Wax ring and bolts included
  • The water supply line is not included
  • Toilet dimensions: 28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Five-year limited warranty


For a toilet with a 1/1.6 gallons per flush rating, the Woodbridge T-0001 is an efficient and great flushing toilet. The fully glazed siphon flushing system brings about a quiet and powerful flush.

It is manufactured in California, and it can therefore be sold there too because of its low water consumption as well as in Texas and Colorado. The skirted bowl design of this toilet eliminates nooks or crannies, which makes cleaning it so easy and fast.

The Woodbridge T-0001 comes with a soft closing toilet seat to eliminate seat slamming. The seat is attached to the bowl using high-quality stainless steel hinges. Removing and installing the toilet seat for cleaning is super easy due to its top mounting and quick-release mechanism, which allows you to remove only the seat and leave the mountings intact.

Despite its design which may intimidate some people, it’s easy and fast to install the T-0001. The packaging contains the toilet, toilet seat, wax ring, floor bolts, and a wrench for tightening the toilet bolts.

This toilet also has a 5-year limited warranty on porcelain parts against fading/staining of the glaze and a 1-year warranty on the flushing mechanism and soft closing toilet seat.

With a toilet bowl height of 16.5 inches combined with an elongated toilet bowl, this is one of the best comfort height toilets. More than anything, I love this toilet’s dual flush system, its weight-glossy finish, the chrome rectangular buttons, and the skirted design.

The Woodbridge T-0001 is, without a doubt, a great toilet that is also very competitively priced. Check out more great Woodbridge toilets here.

4. Toto Drake II – Best Two-Piece Toilet

TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton...
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Double Cyclone Technology.does not come with a seat, it is just a bowl C454CUFG#01) and a tank (ST454E#01).
  • Powerful, quiet flush every time

Toto Drake II is a two-piece single flush elongated toilet with an ADA-compliant height. It is available in cotton white, colonial white, bone, and Sedona beige.

The Drake II is an improvement of the popular Toto Drake elongated toilet. The difference between Toto Drake and Drake II is that Toto Drake has a consumption of 1.6 gallons per flush, while Drake II uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The Drake II also looks a lot nicer but is more expensive than the Toto Drake.

Features and Specifications

  • Two-piece toilet
  • Elongated toilet bowl
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Tornado flush system
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • Cefiontect glaze
  • 2-1/8 inch trapway
  • Seat not included
  • Wax ring and toilet bolts not included
  • WaterSense labeled
  • Floor Mounted
  • Vitreous china
  • 101 pounds
  • Toilet bowl height: 16.125 inch
  • Length: 28.5 inch
  • Width: 17.25 inch
  • Height: 30 inch
  • One year warranty


Toto Drake II is among the most popular and best toilets from Toto. It is shipped in 2 separate boxes, one containing the tank and the other the bowl, as is the norm with 2-piece toilets. The tank-to-bowl gasket and color-matched toilet bolt caps are also included.

Toto Drake II, just like the Ultramax II, uses Toto’s Tornado flush system, which makes it one of the strongest flushing toilets. Unlike other toilets where you have holes all around the rim, the Tornado/double cyclone flush system eliminates the rim holes and instead has 2 powerful nozzles on each side of the bowl.

When you flush the toilet, water comes out of these nozzles forcefully and vortexes around the bowl like a cyclone which scrubs and rinses the bowl. what is even more interesting is that this toilet only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush but is more powerful and effective than many toilets with higher water consumption.

Most people are often between the Toto Drake II and the Ultramax II. I have compared the 2 toilet models in this post.

Due to its water efficiency, Toto Drake II is certified by EPA’s WaterSense as well as CalGreen. It can therefore be used in every corner of the United States.

With a toilet bowl height of 16.125 inches, Toto Drake II is a comfortable height toilet and, therefore, ADA compliant. Combining that with an elongated toilet bowl, this is clearly a toilet that has been designed to offer great comfort and functionality.

The surface of this toilet has been coated with the smooth Cefiontect glaze. This prevents the adherence of dirt particles and thereby keeps your toilet clean and shiny for a long.

Just like the Ultramax II, Toto Drake II has a ‘deluxe’ version. It is called the Toto Vespin II. Toto Vespin II is the skirted version of the Drake II. It has a 12-inch rough-in but can be converted into a 10 or 14-inch rough-in toilet using Toto’s unfit adapter. Read more here.

Unfortunately, this toilet is not sold with a toilet seat. You will therefore need to buy one separately. A soft close toilet seat would be a nice addition to this product. If budget allows, you should get a Toto washlet electronic bidet toilet seat. Check out some of the best bidet seats here.

5. Kohler Santa Rosa – Best One-Piece Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated...
  • One piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy to clean design
  • Compact elongated bowl offers added comfort while occupying the same space as a round front bowl
  • Comfort height: Feature offers chair height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults

Kohler Santa Rosa is a one-piece single flush compact elongated and comfortable height toilet. It is available in white, black, almond, biscuit, dune, ice gray, and sandbar.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact elongated toilet
  • 1-piece toilet
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Brevia quiet close toilet seat included
  • Single flush gravity toilet
  • AquaPiston flushing technology
  • 16.5-inch bowl height
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • 109 pounds
  • WaterSense certified
  • Vitreous china material
  • Mounting bolts included
  • Wax ring and supply line not included
  • Toilet dimensions: 27.75 x 18.75 x 28.187 inch
  • 1-year limited warranty


Kohler Santa Rosa is a beautifully designed toilet that is so versatile. it can be installed in any design of a bathroom and fit perfectly well.

The compact elongated toilet design is intended for people who have a small bathroom but still need to enjoy the comfort of an elongated toilet. Compared to other elongated toilets, this toilet takes up the space equivalent of a round-front toilet.

You can therefore replace your old round toilet in the tiny bathroom with the Santa Rosa as long the rough-ins are matching.

Kohler Santa is, however, not the smallest toilet. If you would like to see the best compact toilets for someone with a small bathroom, read this post.

The AquaPiston flushing technology used by this toilet works by allowing a large amount of water in the bowl quickly due to the design of the canister flush valve. The water dumped in the bowl fast creates a stronger siphon and, therefore, a powerful flush.

With a consumption of only 1.28 gallons per flush, Kohler Santa Rosa is a WaterSense-certified toilet. It can therefore be sold all over the United States.

The top of the toilet bowl is at a comfortable height of 16.5 inches. When you add the soft close toilet seat, which this toilet is sold with, you will be sitting at a height of 17.5 inches and on an elongated bowl.

People looking for the convenience and comfort of an elongated toilet but with limited space will find the Kohler Santa Rosa to be a great choice for them.

If you would like to compare the Kohler Santa Rosa with other Kohler toilets, check out this post.

6. Swiss Madison St. Tropez – Best Compact Toilet

No products found.

The Swiss Madison Well Made Forever is a one-piece dual flush elongated toilet with a skirted/concealed trapway. It has a sleek, stylish, and modern design that will surely be worth your bathroom.

Features and Specifications

  • 1-piece toilet
  • Elongated toilet
  • 0.8/1.28 gallons per flush
  • Soft closing seat included
  • Fully skirted trapway
  • 16.5-inch bowl height
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • 120 pounds
  • Dual flush
  • Glossy white finish
  • 2-inch trapway
  • Mounting bolts, bolt caps, and wax ring included
  • Supply line not included
  • Quick-release soft close seat
  • Toilet dimensions: 26.5 x 15 x 31 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty


The Swiss Madison St. Tropez is an aesthetically appealing, seamless one-piece toilet with a glossy white finish. it is able to combine a great design and good performance while still being competitive in its pricing.

Swiss Madison is not as popular as Toto or Kohler, but it matches up to their standards. It has a comfortable toilet bowl height of 16.5 inches which is great for the elderly, tall and disabled.

Flushing-wise, the Swiss Madison uses a tornado flush system where the water circles around the bowl, cleaning and rinsing it, unlike when a toilet has holes under its rim where water just flows down the bowl. It being a dual flush toilet means you can either opt to use the 0.8 gallons per flush button or the 1.28 gallons per flush one. This is, therefore, a WaterSense-certified toilet.

With a length of 26.5 inches and a width of only 15 inches, the Swiss Madison is a compact elongated toilet that can fit in spaces where other elongated toilets cannot fit. As a matter of fact, this toilet takes up the same space as a round-front toilet.

The St. Tropez also comes with a soft close toilet seat. This prevents the seat from slamming on the toilet bowl, which is irritating. Better still, the toilet seat has a quick-release mechanism. It is, therefore, very quick to remove the seat and reattach it when cleaning the toilet.

The fully skirted design makes the toilet so easy to clean and also helps to enhance its design. However, it is challenging during the installation process since the toilet mountings have to be installed inside the skirt through a small opening on the side.

7. Toto Neorest – Best Smart Toilet

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware,...
  • Water consumption: 1.0 gallons_per_flush
  • Cyclone siphon jet flushing system, ultra-high efficiency (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • Convenient remote control

Toto Neorest is a smart and luxurious dual flush one-piece elongated and tankless toilet. It provides a completely hands-free experience to the user from the time you enter the bathroom until the time you leave.

Features and Specifications

  • Bidet seat with rear cleanse, front cleanse, oscillating, and pulsating spray.
  • Auto opening and closing lid
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Air deodorizer
  • Nightlight
  • Soft closed toilet seat
  • Skirted design with concealed trapway
  • Cefiontect glaze
  • 0.8/1 gallons per flush
  • 1-piece toilet
  • Elongated toilet
  • Hands-free automatic flush
  • 15.56-inch bowl height
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • 124 pounds
  • WaterSense certified
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 1413 watts
  • Cyclone siphon jet flushing
  • Floor mounted
  • Vitreous china material
  • Mounting bolts and wax ring not included
  • Toilet dimension: 31.437 x 17.625 x 20.75 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty for residential and a 1-year limited warranty for commercial applications.


This toilet does not have a water tank. Water under high pressure is delivered to the toilet bowl straight from the supply line.

The pressurized water enters the toilet bowl through nozzles on the sides of the bowl which creates a powerful cyclonic movement in the bowl and, ultimately, a strong siphon. The cyclone flushing technology is very effective in cleaning and rinsing the bowl.

When you enter the bathroom, the bidet toilet seat lid will automatically open, and you will, therefore, not need to touch it to lift it up. The seat is heated and has a nightlight that illuminates the bowl for easy bathroom navigation at night.

After you are done doing your business, you will not need to use toilet paper. A self-cleaning wand with fine nozzles will clean your front and rear using warm water infused with bubbles for a thorough but gentle wash.

The nozzle combines the oscillating and pulsating wash functions which soothe and massages your body. Warm, dry air will then be blown all over your front and posterior, leaving you clean and dry.

The toilet will then automatically flush and release a deodorizer that will leave your room smelling fresh. Its toilet seat lid will afterward close automatically, readying the toilet for the next use.

This smart dual flush toilet is also very water efficient, with a rating of 0.8/1 gallons per flush. It is, therefore, WaterSense certified and can hence be sold all over the United States.

As expected, the Toto Neorest is quite an expensive toilet. The only other toilet that compares to it in terms of features and price is the Kohler Veil intelligent toilet. Read more about these smart toilets in this post.

Another disadvantage of this toilet is that it is dependent on electricity for it to function. If you live in an area with constant power outages, then you might not reap the full benefits of the Toto Neorest.

Toto Neorest is truly one of the best toilets, and if you can afford it, then by all means, you should go ahead and buy it. You will love it.

8. Kohler Cimarron – Best Black Toilet

KOHLER K-3609-7 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated...
  • Comfort Height offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier
  • Compact elongated bowl offers added comfort while occupying the same space as a round-front bowl
  • AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides, creating a morepowerful & effective flush

The Kohler Cimarron single flush, two-piece, elongated, and comfort-height toilet combines a very versatile design and a high-performance flushing system. Kohler Cimarron black toilet is among the best black toilets.

Features and Specifications

  • Elongated bowl
  • 2-piece toilet
  • 16.5-inch bowl height
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • WaterSense certified
  • 107 pounds
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • AquaPiston flushing technology.
  • Floor mounted
  • Toilet seat not included
  • Toilet dimensions: 28.75 x 17.625 x 30.75 inches
  • One-year limited warranty


The Cimarron toilet uses Kohler’s AquaPiston, which is designed for bulk flushing. This is why Kohler Cimarron is one of the best flushing toilets in the market.

Unlike an ordinary flapper valve which is hinged on one side, Kohler’s canister flush valve lifts off completely, allowing water from the tank to flow into the bowl from a 360 degrees angle.

Water, therefore, flows into the bowl faster and with more force which in return creates a strong siphoning action. It is the sudden water dumping in the bowl that produces the strong flush.

The canister flush valve is designed in such a way that it has 90% less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper; hence it is more durable.

The toilet bowl height of the Kohler Cimarron is at a comfortable chair level making it very easy to sit and stand for older people. The distance between the base of the toilet and the top of the toilet bowl is 16.5 inches, and this will increase to 17.5 inches once you install the toilet seat.

The DryLock tank installation system is used in such a way that there are no bolt holes in the tank and therefore prevents the likelihood of water leaking between the tank and bowl. There is a bracket at the bottom of the tank where the toilet tank bolts are hooked.

The toilet is sold without the mounting bolts and wax ring included in the package. You will also need to buy a water supply line if you don’t have one. Color-matched toilet bolt caps are, however, included.

The toilet seat is another item you will also need to buy separately. It, however, does not matter whether you buy a Kohler seat or a different brand as long as it will fit. Kohler Cachet toilet seat is the best toilet seat by Kohler.

You can also decide to buy the one-piece Kohler Cimarron toilet model. It is WaterSense certified and has an elongated toilet bowl. The one-piece toilet is, however, more expensive than the one-piece toilet.

To read a comprehensive review of all the Kohler Cimarron toilet models as well as comparisons with other toilets, read this post.

This particular Kohler Cimarron toilet coordinates with the other Kohler Cimarron collections, including a bathtub and a pedestal.

A one-year limited warranty is offered upon the purchase of this toilet.

9. Saniflo Sanicompact – Best Upflush Toilet

SANIFLO Sanicompact Comfort - Dual-flush System -...
  • BONUS HALF BATH: The Sanicompact Comfort is a self-contained dual-flush toilet system used to install a half-bathroom up to 9 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack....
  • DUAL PURPOSE: The Sanicompact will also discharge gray water from a sink. The wastewater drains into a 1.25” hose connection in back of the toilet.
  • EFFICIENCY AT ITS FINEST: The standard dual flush version uses 1.28 gpf or 1 gpf and uses less water than any regular toilet but with the same efficiency. The push button activates a timer and a...

Saniflo Sanicompact self-contained toilet is a tankless dual flush upflush/macerating elongated toilet with a comfortable height.

Features and Specifications

  • Upflush toilet
  • Elongated toilet
  • 1/1.28 gallon per flush
  • Soft close toilet seat included
  • 1-piece toilet
  • Floor mounted
  • Mounting bolts included
  • Vitreous china material
  • 62.2 pounds
  • vertical discharge: 9 feet
  • Horizontal discharge: 120 feet.
  • allows a sink installation.
  • 18.5-inch bowl height
  • Toilet dimensions: 18.2 x 14.5 x 15.8 inches
  • 2-year warranty


If you are looking for the best toilet to install in a basement or a half bathroom with an elongated bowl and a comfortable height, then Saniflo 023 Sanicompact toilet will be ideal for you.

It has a total assembled height of 18.5 inches, 14.5 inches in width, and a depth of 21.5 inches. It is, therefore, a perfect pick for small bathrooms and big bathrooms alike.

The Saniflo Sanicompact toilet is a rear outlet toilet and does not, therefore, need a floor outlet drainage system. It is, therefore, cheaper to install since you will not need to dig up your bathroom floor to install the plumbing system. You will only need to make an outlet through the wall if being installed far from a sewer line.

It uses a pressure-assisted flushing system that allows it to be installed up to 9 feet below the sewer line and 120 feet away from a soil track. Also, it comes with an already installed non-return valve in the discharge elbow which prevents backflow to the unit.

This toilet does not need a water tank since the flushing action and macerating pump are automated. By just pushing an air switch (button) at the top of the unit, one gallon of water passes through the toilet, and the waste is promptly pumped out.

What I love about this toilet is that it allows you to add a sink in the bathroom. The gray water from the sink enters the toilet’s pump and is pumped out immediately.

Some upflush toilets allow you to install more bathroom fixtures and not just the sink. I have also written a thorough article on the best upflush toilets in the market. Read it here.

A soft close toilet seat is also supplied with this unit, and therefore no more toilet slamming. With an 18.5 toilet bowl height, this toilet is very easy to sit and stand on, especially for the elderly and tall folks.

The Saniflo Sanicompact toilet performance is dependent on electricity and will therefore need that you have access to power throughout.

10. Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet – Best Wall-Hung Toilet

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware,...
  • Water consumption: 1.0 gallons_per_flush
  • Cyclone siphon jet flushing system, ultra-high efficiency (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • Convenient remote control

Toto Aquia Wall-mounted/wall-hung toilet is a sleek and modern elongated and skirted toilet. Wall-mounted toilets are stylish and a great alternative to the usual floor-mounted toilets.

Features and Specifications

  • 0.9/1.6 gallons per flush
  • Elongated toilet bowl
  • Sanagloss glaze
  • Length: 21 inch
  • Width: 14.1875 inch
  • Height: 13.75 inch
  • Toilet rim height: 15-19 inches
  • Seat not include
  • In-wall tank systems are sold differently
  • 66.5 pounds
  • Vitreous china material
  • Gravity flush

It is not clear whether floor-mounted toilets will in future be replaced by wall-mounted toilets, but they are getting more and more popular. This style of toilet installation originally started in Europe but is now fast catching up with the American market.

The Toto Aquia is, in y opinion, the best wall-mounted toilet on the market. It offers an elongated toilet bowl which is more comfortable than a round-front bowl. If you would, however, fancy an intelligent wall-hung toilet, check out the Kohler Veil Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet.

The toilet can be mounted on the wall from a height of 15 to 19 inches. It, therefore, can be used as a standard height toilet or a comfort height toilet.

The skirted design of this toilet gives it a sleek appearance which is also easy and fast to clean. Its Surface is coated with Toto’s Cefiontect glaze, which prevents dirt from sticking on the toilet and also inhibits the growth of mold.

To install this toilet, you will need to buy the toilet tank and the toilet tank carrier separately. The in-wall plumbing pipes will also be purchased separately from this bowl.

Unlike other toilets which you can easily install on your own, a wall-hung toilet involves a lot of processes that will need a professional to help you with. The cost of installing a wall-hung toilet can exceed the cost of buying the toilet itself.

Other than the installation cost, the Toto Aquia is a fantastic toilet that will, without a doubt, make your bathroom look really classy.

11. American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise – Best Round Toilet

The American Cadet 3 FloWise is a single flush two-piece round/elongated toilet with a comfortable height. It also has a skirted/concealed trapway.

Features and Specifications

  • 2-piece toilet
  • Round toilet
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Concealed trapway
  • American Standard’s EverClean surface
  • Slow-closing toilet seat and lid included
  • PowerWash rims
  • FloWise technology
  • 3-inch flush valve
  • 2-1/8 inch trapway
  • Toilet dimensions: 28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75 inch
  • 75 pounds
  • Vitreous china material
  • WaterSense certified
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • 16.5-inch bowl height
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Mounting bolts included
  • Wax ring and supply line not included
  • 5-year limited warranty


If you have a small bathroom, you can opt to buy the round-front toilet, while if space is not an issue for you, then you can pick the elongated toilet, which is more comfortable.

Both the round and elongated toilet models have a comfortable toilet seat height of 17.5 inches. Apart from being one of the best comfortable height toilets, this commode can also be used by seniors and tall people who find a standard-height toilet too short.

The American Cadet 3 FloWise has an oversize 3-inch flush valve and a 2-1/8 inch trapway. This combination helps water to leave the tank fast and the waste to exit the trapway forcefully, which prevents toilet clogs. For every flush, the toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water and is. Therefore, WaterSense is certified.

The concealed trapway design gives this toilet a smooth surface devoid of crevices which makes cleaning it a breeze. The design might pose some challenges during installation, but as soon as you are done with that stage, then it will be smooth all the way.

Cadet 3 FlowWise comes with a soft closing toilet seat to prevent the seat from constantly slamming on the bowl. The toilet seat has a quick-release mechanism to help you remove it during cleaning, and it is mounted from the top of the toilet bowl. You will therefore don’t need to bend over to tighten wingnuts under the toilet bowl.

Mounting bolts are also included together with 2 color-matched toilet bolt caps. A toilet wax ring and water supply line are, however, not included; hence you will need to buy them separately.

Toilet Buying Guide How to Buy the Best Toilet


Buying a good toilet is not always an easy job. You have to compare so many models to make sure that you end up buying the best. I can think of a worse thing than buying an expensive thing that you end up not liking.

We spend a long time sitting on a toilet than we ever imagine. It is, therefore, only good if you do the due diligence and pick a decent throne.

There are a few factors that I believe you must put into consideration when buying a toilet. They include but are not limited to the following:

1. Comfort

Your toilet should offer as much comfort and “ease of doing business” as possible. As far as toilet comfort is concerned, there are a few things which you can do to get the most out of your toilet. These include:

  • Picking an elongated toilet.
  • Choosing a comfortable height toilet.
  • If possible, consider a bidet toilet combo.
  • Ergonomic toilet seat.

An elongated toilet is oval-shaped compared to round-front toilets, which are almost circular. They, therefore, offer the user more surface area to sit on and are hence more comfortable than round toilets.

Comfort height toilets which are also known as right/universal/chair height toilets are toilets that comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA requires that toilets must have a seat height of 17 to 19 inches. Comfort height toilets are very easy to sit and stand from and are, therefore, a great choice for tall people and the elderly.

The opposite of comfort height toilets is the standard height toilets. They are the best toilets for shorter people and also children. To read more on the pros and cons of comfort height toilets vs. standard height toilets, check out this post.

Toilet bidet combos are toilets that come with a bidet toilet seat. A bidet toilet seat offers many luxurious features which make your bathroom trips very enjoyable. I have written a review of the best bidet toilet combos. Read it here.

It is important that you buy a good ergonomic toilet seat to go with your toilet. An ergonomic seat takes into account the shape of your rear end to make sure that you sit pretty on the throne.

2. Durability


Cheap will always be expensive. Don’t buy a toilet simply because it is cheap or simply looks sleek. You may end up being your plumber’s cash cow. Always look for a reasonably priced toilet and also the manufacturer’s reputation as well as its warranty duration and conditions.

Toilet manufacturing companies have invested in technologies that help toilets stay longer, look new, and are easy to clean. Check out for such.

For instance, Toto toilets use a substance called Cefiontect, while America Standard toilets have the EverClean surface additive. These substances make the toilet’s surface smooth and glowing.

Toilet seats that slam heavily on the toilet bowl have a higher chance of breakage than soft-closing toilet seats. However, a little pricey, soft-close toilet seats are nuisance-free and could save you more money in the long run.

3. Bathroom design

A toilet is probably the most conspicuous item in the bathroom. A good toilet should complement your overall bathroom design and décor. You may buy an expensive toilet, but if it does not go with your bathroom décor, it will look out of place.

Right from the tiles, walls, vanity, tub, and all the way to the toilet, there should be a seamless transition and blending of style.

If you live in an old house and are replacing your old toilet with a specific new toilet, you could also take that opportunity to remodel your entire bathroom. It is always cheaper and more convenient to do everything together instead of one thing at a time.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a toilet is really not a hard job, but neither is it a fun-filled activity, especially having kids. Most of us just want to get over and done with it. But it can be very frustrating to see a toilet that you bought in a pure cotton-white color with so many dirt spots and stains.

 A toilet with so many nooks and crannies is a little harder to clean than an all-skirted one-piece toilet. For that reason, some toilets are coated with mirror-like materials, which makes cleaning so easy and fast. The color of the toilet is also maintained (it does not fade).

 Because of these innovations, many harsh chemicals previously used to clean toilets are no longer needed. This is a clear win for the environment and your pocket. You should factor this in before you make your new toilet purchase.

5. Water Efficiency

No one likes paying high water bills. Not even the government, whose job is actually to spend money rather than save it. Always go for a toilet that saves you money. Not one that flushes it.

A toilet that uses a lot of water is bad not only for you but for the environment. A modern toilet can save up to 6000 gallons of water in a year compared to an old toilet, especially those using 3.5 gallons of water per flush.

 There are legal requirements these days requiring toilets to only use a certain volume of water per flush. In California and Texas, for instance, you cannot buy a toilet with a rating higher than 1.28 gallons per flush.

Well-made 1.28 GPF toilets can flush better than 1.6 GPF and even 3.5 GPF. There are toilets that use even less than 1.28 GPF and still flush powerfully.

It is also good to consider buying a dual-flush toilet. A dual-flush toilet gives you the option to use less water or a little bit more water, depending on whether you need to flush liquids or solids.

I have written a whole article outlining the pros and cons of dual-flush toilets. Read it here.

6. Flushing Power

I think a toilet’s ability to flush powerfully with just one flush is the most important thing in a toilet. Fewer things are as irritating as having to flush a toilet twice.

By buying a powerful flushing toilet, you will be avoiding the following:

  • A weak flushing toilet.
  • A slow flushing toilet.
  • A constantly clogged toilet.
  • Waste sticking on a toilet.

A good flushing toilet might be a little bit more expensive than the average toilet, but it is totally worth it. It is even better if you can buy a powerful flushing toilet that is also water-efficient.

7. Toilet Seat Availability

If you are buying a toilet without a toilet seat because you already have a seat, make sure that the toilet seat will be compatible with the toilet. This will either be an elongated toilet seat or a round toilet seat and even, in some instances, D-shaped or square toilet seats.

To know the exact length of your toilet seat, measure the length of the toilet bowl from the middle of the 2 bolt holes to the front of the bowl. Elongated toilet bowls are about 18.5 inches, while round toilets are about 16.5 inches in length.

You can also choose to buy a toilet with modern features such as a soft closing toilet seat, heated toilet seat, and nightlight toilet seat. If you have more resources, you can even buy a bidet toilet seat.

Also, prior to buying your toilet, check if the toilet seat is included or if you will need to buy it separately. Some toilets listed online might look cheaper than others, only to find out later that you have to buy a toilet seat separately.

8. Color


Most toilets are white. But they don’t have to be. You can get a toilet in so many other colors if you would like to experiment with another color and not just white.

I have come to like black toilets a lot. I have even written an article reviewing some of the best black toilets in the market. Read it here.

9. One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilets

There are two types of toilets. The one-piece toilets and the two-piece toilets. One-piece toilets have the tank and bowl joined together in one piece during manufacturing, while two-piece toilets have the tank and bowl made separate and are only joined during installation.

Both one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets have their pros and cons. One-piece toilets are more compact than two-piece toilets and are, therefore, a good option for people with small spaces in their bathrooms.

The one-piece toilets are generally more expensive than the two-piece toilets and occupy less space. To further explore the pros and cons of one-piece vs. two-piece toilets, read this post.

10. Price

You can get a toilet for slightly over a hundred dollars. You can also get a toilet for a few thousand dollars. There are also many toilets in between. Always choose a toilet that matches your budget, among other factors.

I would, however, advise you not to be under budget while shopping for a toilet seeing that a toilet is a long-term investment that, when taken care of, can last for decades.

11. Toilet Rough-in

The rough-in measurement of a toilet is the distance between the toilet’s rear finished wall and the center of the toilet’s drainpipe, often taken from one of the 2 toilet’s toilet bolts. Care must always be taken to make sure you measure from the wall and not from the baseboard.

The standard rough-in measurement of a toilet is 12 inches. The other rough-in measurements available are 10 and 14 inches though not very common.

You can replace a toilet with its right size of rough-in or smaller but not more. If, for instance, you replace a toilet with a rough-in of 12 inches with one with a 14-inch rough-in, a 2-inch gap will be left between the toilet tank and the wall.

If you would like to buy a 10-inch rough-in toilet, read this review of the best 10-inch rough-in toilets.

For those who would like to buy 3 of the best 14-inch rough-in toilets, read this review that I wrote a while back.

Types of Toilet Flushing Systems


Flush toilets have gone through an amazing journey of innovations over the past few decades, from when toilets used as much as 5 gallons per flush to the current figure of as little as 0.8 gallons per flush.

Toilets have been able to achieve these convenient and efficient flushing performances because of the continuous improvements of the flushing systems. So, what is the best toilet flushing system? And what is the most water-efficient flushing? Let us go through the various types of flushing systems to help us understand better.

1. Gravity Flush System

Gravity is simply the force that makes apples on a tree fall downwards and not upwards. Traditional and most modern toilets use the force of gravity to help them evacuate the waste from the toilet bowl using water in the tank above the bowl.

The sequence of Events for gravity flushing is as follows:

  • The toiler user pushes the flushing button/lever.
  • A chain connected to the flushing lever lifts off a flapper valve at the bottom of the toilet tank.
  • Water runs through the flush valve, opening into the toilet bowl under pressure, clearing the waste into the drain pipe.
  • Water tank refills.

Gravity flush toilet systems have few moving parts, which means they are relatively quiet, easy, and cheaper to maintain and repair

2. Pressure-Assisted Flush System

Imagine a scenario where you have a toilet in your basement while the sewer line is approximately 6 feet above the toilet. This is where the gravity flush system hands over to the pressure-assisted flushing system.

Most pressure-assisted toilets look like gravity-flush toilets, though. The system is even more reliable if you are buying a rear discharge toilet where the force of gravity cannot be properly harnessed.

Pressure-assisted flushing systems use compressed air to pump a small amount of water through the toilet bowl hence flushing it out powerfully.

Their tank has a secondary tank inside called a pressure vessel. This is where the water and air mix and are stored under pressure.

Chain of Events:

  • Inflowing water is mixed with air inside the pressure vessel.
  • As the tank fills with water, the air in the water tank is compressed even further. Compressed air exerts more pressure.
  • When a pressure-assisted toilet is flushed, water under pressure gashes out and enters the toilet bowl, clearing it.
  • The process is repeated during the next toilet use.

3. Dual Flush systems

Dual-flush toilets are increasingly becoming the most preferred flushing system. They are both environment-friendly due to their water efficiency (reduce water bills).

A dual flush system gives you the option of using less water or slightly more water depending on the waste you need to clear.

For instance, you will find a dual flush rated 1.28/1.6 GPF. This means you have the option of using 1.28 gallons to flush small waste or 1.6 gallons to flush more waste.

Dual flush toilets also use the gravity flush system and sometimes the pressure-assisted system.

Terms and Initials Associated with Toilets

There are certain terms, initials, or abbreviations that are used to describe toilets that might be a little bit confusing, especially if you are not used to such. Here are some of them:

1. ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to regulate the height of toilets, especially those installed in public bathrooms, among other accessibility requirements. The aim of the act was to prevent discrimination against people using with disabilities in public facilities.

ADA toilets (As ADA-compliant toilets are often called) have become very popular with toilet buyers due to their comfortable sitting height. The ADA-compliant toilets are also known as comfort height toilets, universal height toilets, and chair height toilets. They have a toilet seat height of between 17-19 inches.

To read more on these toilets, check out this post that I have also written.

2. EPA WaterSense

WaterSense is the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program to create awareness and encourage water efficiency. WaterSense-certified products have the WaterSense label to inform consumers that they are actually buying an eco-friendly toilet.

WaterSense-certified toilets are required to have a 1.28 gallons per flush water consumption or even less. This is 20% less water than the current federal government of 1.6 gallons per flush.

3. GPF

GPF stands for gallons per flush. Every toilet has a rating indicated by A GPF. Dual flush toilets have 2 ratings.

Gallons per flush represents the amount of water that a toilet uses per flush. If you feel like your toilet is using way too much water per flush, there is a way in which you can adjust the water level inside the toilet tank.

Types of Toilets

There are so many types of toilets in the market, but let us just look at a few of them.

1. Elongated toilets


An elongated toilet is a toilet with an oval-shaped toilet bowl and, as a result, longer than a standard toilet. Elongated toilets are designed to offer comfort to the user. The length of an elongated toilet is about 18.5 inches.

2. Round Toilets


A round toilet is a toilet with an almost circular toilet bowl. These toilets are designed to fit into small bathrooms. The length of a round toilet bowl is about 16.5 inches.

3. One-piece toilets


One-piece toilets are toilets that have the tank and bowl joint together into one solid piece at the manufacturing stage. They are more compact than two-piece toilets but are also heavy, especially during transportation hence needing two people during installation.

4. Two-Piece Toilets


A two-piece toilet is a toilet that is manufactured with the bowl and tank as separate bodies. The bowl and tank are joined together during installation. Two-piece toilets are normally shipped in 2 boxes, one with the tank and the other with the bowl.

5. Wall-hung toilets


Wall-hung or wall-mounted toilets are toilets that are mounted on the bathroom wall as opposed to the floor. The water tanks are normally concealed in the bathroom wall and supported by a frame called a carrier. A thick wall is then installed to conceal the tank and the carrier.

Read this post to learn more about wall-mounted toilets.

6. Composting Toilets


Other toilets drain human waste into the sewer line after flushing. A composting toilet is a dry/waterless toilet that biologically treats human waste through organic decomposition to form compost.

Do you want a composting toilet? This is a review of the best composting toilets.

7. Macerating toilet


Macerating toilets, also known as upflush toilets, are toilets that flush human waste upwards, which makes them the best toilets for basements—high-speed blades like those of a reactor tank cut through the waste forming a slurry. The slurry can then be pumped out to the sewer lines or a septic tank.

Saniflo toilets are some of the best macerating/upflush toilets. Read their reviews here.

8. Rear Outlet Toilet

Rear outlet toilets, which are also known as a back outlet or rear discharge toilets, are toilets that discharge their waste through the bathroom wall, unlike most toilets that discharge waste through the floor.

Read more about rear outlet toilets here.

9. Corner Toilets

A corner toilet is a toilet that is installed in the bathroom corner. They are designed to save on space.

Corner toilets have a rectangular toilet tank which helps them fit into a corner. This is a review of the best corner toilets.

10. Tankless Toilets

Tankless Toilets Vs. Wall-Hung Toilets

Tankless toilets are toilets without a water tank. Instead, the toilet bowl is supplied with water under high pressure, which is sufficient to flush the toilet.

Check out some of the best tankless toilets in this post.


By all means, go for the toilet that makes you happy. Best is a relative term. You don’t need to buy what everyone is buying. There is a reason the manufacturers make different models of the same toilet. They understand people have different tastes as well as buying powers.

The best toilet to buy for yourself will be comfortable to use, easy on your pocket, water efficient, and beautiful to look at. Go for it!